Jennifer Lopez Instagram’s Toned Legs and Stunning Figure: JLo’s Protein Diet to Stay Energetic for Workouts

Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty

Jennifer Lopez just keeps looking better and better, and the latest photographic evidence comes from her Instagram account. The singer and actress shared a photo from her Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot a few days ago, and the mom of two showed off her stunning figure in a black bathing suit, rose gold booties, all while sitting on a diving platform.

From that hashtags that she tacked on to the photo’s caption, it’s an easy assumption to make that those booties were Lopez’s fave: #shoesoftheday #shoelover #shoeaddict #shoegasm #shoegame #shoeicide #shoes❤

Lopez is always busy with her television jobs and singing career, not to mention being a mom to cute twins with ex Marc Anthony. Shooting for her show Shades of Blue started last week, so she has a lot on her plate, but making time for fitness is one thing she never sacrifices—and it’s apparent by how amazing she looks.

Two of her secrets include working out with a number of trainers, including Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer to the stars, who even has her own style of training she has branded the Tracey Anderson method. Many stars swear by this workout, including Lopez. Working out with a few trainers offers variety and different style of training, and can keep boredom at bay.

“I did Tracy Anderson Method [which Gwyneth Paltrow swears by] for a long time and I’ve started to do more weights which you need to do as you get older because you lose muscle. You have to realize that what works for you in your 20s doesn’t necessarily work in your 40s,” the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer said in an interview with

Weight training is important to her—keeping muscle mass is harder for women as they age, so it becomes essential to counteract that as an older woman.

She also likes to incorporate boxing into her workouts. “I was taught how to box for a movie called Money Train, in the ‘90s, you never forget it,” she says. Most of her workouts are full-body, with lots of attention paid to core work, so she can maintain her toned abs.

Lopez works out every day, even if she isn’t feeling great, because she says no matter what a workout always gets her revved up. Her rule for exercising is to drink plenty of water, especially beforehand. She prefers to do workouts in the morning because it is harder for her to get to the gym when her day has already started.

What Does J Lo Eat?

“My diet is pretty light, lots of protein and I start out every morning with a [protein] shake. It sets the tone for the day and gives me a lot of energy,” Lopez told

She says that lately she has been eating a lot of fish and sushi, especially when doing her show in Las Vega at Planet Hollywood. Eating a clean and protein-rich diet are her two main principles where food is concerned. If it can give you power, she will eat it

Lopez always carries healthy snacks around with her, especially fruit and vegetables. When she has cravings, her go-to fix is something with protein, because it fills her up and helps her stay full for a long while.

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