Jeremy Renner, “Arrival” Star, Enjoys Food in Hong Kong, Amy Adams Co-Star Followed Special Fitness Plan for Movie

Jeremy Renner
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After the release of Arrival, Jeremy Renner looks relaxed and is busy partying in Hong Kong while relishing in sweets. He Instagrammed a freshly-baked, chocolate-draped desert that looked crisp on the outside and is irresistible.

Clever dishes served. Loving the creativity #arrivalmovie #hongkong #tastytreat

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Though Amy Adams co-star tries to deceive us by creating an impression of indulging in some junk food, he often eats healthy. Renner followed a special fitness plan for the movie, that included intense workouts and a healthy diet. Read on to learn his workout and diet for Arrival.

Jeremy Renner’s Workout for Arrival

Renner’s muscular physique is a combination of some healthy diet, regular workouts, and genetics. A good diet with regular workouts can prove more effective to have a chiseled physique.

Renner has outlined two workout principles. He believes if one wishes to build muscles, they need to stick to these principles.

The first principle that Renner sticks to is speeding up the metabolism. Metabolism can be slowed down or boosted depending on how you eat. He insists on detoxifying the body and removing the fats. For that, you need to eat small meals five to six times a day, and drink plenty of water.

The second principle is to train hard. Renner’s workouts are designed such that they are unique and intense. Workouts must be done by focusing on each move and targeting each body part, so that you can feel the muscles building up. His sample workout plan looks as below:

Day 1: He focuses on chest exercises on day 1, Five set of 10 reps Gironda neck press, Three set of 15 reps of narrow grip bench press, Three set of 12 reps of incline db press, Three set of 10 reps of cable fly low pulley, and cable fly low pulley

Day 2: He focuses on back on day 2, Three set of 10 reps of seated cable rows, Three set of 15 reps chin ups, and wide grip pull ups, Three sets reverse grip cable pull-down, 

Day 3: On day 3 he focuses on arms and legs, Squats, Dips, Dumbbell curls, Cardio exercises, 30 mins running on treadmill

Day 4: Rest Day

Day 5: On day 5, he works out on his shoulders, Three sets of 15 reps of military press, and seated DB military press, Three sets of 10 reps of side lateral raise, front lateral raise

Day 6: Rest Day

Day 7: Cardio exercises

Jeremy Renner’s Diet for Arrival

Renner eats a balanced diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. He prefers eating clean and natural foods over junk, processed foods. His diet includes lean meat like chicken and fish, fresh fruits, and veggies.

He is fond of cheese and loves to eat turkey bacon cheeseburgers. But he tries to eat healthy most of the times. If he feels the urge of relishing in pizza, he opts for whole-wheat pizza topped with grilled chicken and broccoli.

His protein packed breakfast consists of an omelet of three to four eggs cooked in coconut oil, avocado, and oranges.

His mid-morning snacks includes fruits like oranges or apples, and a handful of mixed nuts. Grilled chicken breast, spinach, sweet potato, and a protein shake comprise his lunch.

In the evening, he snacks on green salad, cheese, and a handful of mixed nuts. For dinner, he eats a turkey burger, salad, and broccoli.

If you wish to have a body like Renner, following his fitness routine is the way to do it.


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