Jessica Alba Shares Her Love for Avocados on James Corden’s Flinch with Kate Mara and Ken Jeong

Jessica Alba
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Stunning Jessica Alba was a guest at The Late Late Show with James Corden and sportingly participated in the “Fruit Flinch” game with guests, Kate Mara and Ken Jeong. Host, James Corden, asked the celeb guests to stand behind a glass pane and distracted them with random questions. When the guests were semi-relaxed a flying fruit was shot with a powerful cannon at the pane, making the guests flinch.

During the show, an apple was chucked at Jeong, Mara got a tomato chucked at her, and Alba got her favorite, avocado. Alba said on the show, “I am Mexican, I love avocados.” All three guests flinched during the “Fruit Flinch” game. Alba also took to Instagram and had asked her fans to tune in to the show. The Instagram post was captioned, “Some lippie for @j_corden. Tune in to @latelateshow tonight!”

Some lippie for @j_corden. Tune in to @latelateshow tonight! ?

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The stunning model, actress and businesswoman regularly tops Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 and Men’s Fitness magazine’s The 99 Most Desirable Women. She was also named People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. She is the co-founder of The Honest Company and is an inspiration to many people.

How does Alba maintain her fitness? What are her fitness secrets? Let’s take a look at how she maintains her healthy lifestyle.

Jessica Alba Workout Routine

Alba said “I love my shape because it does what I want it to.” She can go hiking, bike riding, or even swimming and knows that her body responds well to workouts. She also tries pushing herself when she is tired.

She is trained by celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza, who also trains celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry. Alba follows the 3-2-1 Training Method to achieve her weight loss goals.

Alba knows that keeping healthy is important. Despite a hectic schedule, she tries not to miss working out and manages to fit in her fitness regimen. Alba does some excellent time management, and she not only schedules in her workout routine but also sticks to it.

When she has only 30 minutes for working out, she would do burpees, squat jumps, mountain climbers, planks, and a few sun salutations. She also does a power yoga with light weights in a 105-degree room. This is a mix of hot yoga and strength training.

She enjoys Jen Johnson’s dance studio and added, “I also like Hot 8 Yoga and I like Flywheel a lot.” For Alba, the benefits of exercise are more mental than physical. “Working out takes away that little edge so that I feel happier and more productive, and my brain can get kick-started,” she told Shape magazine.

Jessica Alba Diet Plan

Alba likes to follow a healthy diet plan, she said, “With exercise, I get a little more toned and I definitely feel stronger, but my diet is much more important if I’m trying to slim down,” she says. “In that case, I usually don’t eat gluten, dairy, fried foods or processed foods. I try to stick to a diet that’s low in sugar and carbs, and high in lean protein and vegetables.”

So, what would you find in her refrigerator? Sauces—a huge variety of hot sauces. She said she likes anything which is habanero-Caribbean flavored. Does she love sweets? The stunning actress confessed that she is more of a salt person due to her low blood sugar and low blood pressure. When she does hot yoga, she needs to have salt water and also prefers coconut water.

Although she may not prefer having dessert,  she admitted, “Also, while I don’t usually have dessert, I do really like strawberry shortcake. I mean I really, really like it.” She also likes to indulge in red velvet cake and donuts occasionally.

She enjoys including salad in her meals and she makes her own salad dressings. She loves avocados, and she would probably include an avocado in her salad for lunch. Here is an Instagram post of a typical healthy lunch for Alba.

#lunch @korekitchen #healthyfood

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She likes to have nachos and she loves to snack on popcorn. She also took to Instagram and posted a healthy way of having popcorn. The caption said, “Celebrate the healthy way and munch on some Matcha Green Tea Popcorn.”

Alba makes sure that she has a healthy and clean diet. She likes to cook her own food and recommends using local food. She said that people can cook amazing and indulgent food with fresh, organic produce and food. She loves cooking for her daughter. This post says it all, “Made Nutella crêpes for my #honorcita this AM -I can’t believe my baby is 8!”

Made Nutella crêpes for my #honorcita this AM -I can't believe my baby is 8! ???

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The “Fruit Flinch” game probably was fun on the The Late Late Show with James Corden. It was amazing to learn about Jessica Alba’s Mexican roots and her love for avocados as confessed during the show. Her healthy lifestyle is encouraging and definitely worth adopting.



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