Jessica Alba Shops Abs-Revealing Halloween Costume: Actress Continues Yoga & SoulCycle to Keep Fit for Halloween

Jessica Alba Shops Abs-Revealing Halloween Costume
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jessica Alba will be revealing her toned abs in her Halloween costume this year, and it will be quite the sight to see since the actress is known for having an incredible figure. It’s not what you might think, though. The Dear Eleanor actress says her daughter would really love for her to go as Nickelodeon cartoon Shimmer and Shine, so

Alba might have to dress up as a genie with blue hair. Her second costume might be Edina Monsoon of Ab Fab. Either way, we have no doubt Alba will look great. Here is a look into how she stays in shape.

Jessica Alba’s Fitness Regimen

Jessica Alba not only runs a billion dollar empire, but she’s also a mother, wife, and overall bombshell. She’s always had an enviable body, and she works hard for it. So, how does the actress stay in shape? Well, for starters, Alba likes to stick to a workout regimen that keeps her active.

She is a big fan of a full-body hot yoga workout known as YogaSculpt. She does these classes on average three times per week and often posts photos to Instagram. YogaSculpt is a hard-core physical workout and also gives traditional benefits of yoga like flexibility, balance and stretch. She also loves these classes because of the soundtrack that’s playing in the background: anything from R&B, hip-hop, pop and house music.

Jessica Alba also loves SoulCycle workouts and will often do early morning workouts, sometimes getting started at 6 a.m.. In addition, Alba enjoys hiking in the mountains of Los Angeles, her hometown. Even when she is working, she still manages to get in her workout, which makes it very likely that Alba works out almost every day to keep her figure. Alba has also taken some self-defense boxing and punching bag classes at Krav Maga (which is officially used by the Israeli Defense Forces).

She also works out with personal trainer Ramona Braganza, who has trained tons of other celebrities including Hugh Jackman, Jessica Biel, Kate Beckinsale and Ryan Reynolds. Braganza reveals that the key to Alba’s workout is switching between cardio and strength training. This prevents the body from plateauing and pushes it to cope with vigorous change. Alba usually uses a two to three pound dumbbell for her weight training.

For cardio, Alba will either run on the treadmill, jump rope, or go for a jog. When doing strength training, she targets her arms, upper body, lower body, and back. She also targets her upper and lower abs. All this is done on different days and alternates with cardio. This woman really knows how to get her sweat on!

For her diet, Alba likes to stick with fresh foods. She is not a fan of junk, fast, or processed food, so it’s no wonder she has radiant, glowing skin and a lean figure. Her diet consists of foods like whole grains, eggs, fresh fruit, leafy greens and other vegetables, nuts and seeds, almonds, apples, mozzarella cheese, small sticks of white cheddar cheese and lean proteins. She avoids heavy sauces and dressings with excess butter or fat. She also drinks tons of water and sometimes flavors it with watermelon or strawberry.


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