Joe Jonas Shows Off Six Pack Abs During Outdoor Workout Session with WBC Women’s Champion Ava Knight

Joe Jonas
Photo credit: @shotsbymateo / Splash News

Getting punched in the stomach doesn’t sound like something that’d be done as workout, does it? Well, Joe Jonas seems to think it’s a great workout. The 27-year-old lead singer of DNCE exposed his workout secret on Instagram, which involves taking blows to the abs from boxing champion Ava Knight.

The pic captioned “Light work nothing like a 5 time fly-weight champ giving you some love taps.”

Light work ? nothing like a 5 time fly-weight champ giving you some love taps @avaknightboxing

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Jonas was spotted in a hoodie, shorts, and sneakers standing calm with his hands placed on his head, during his pad work session. He was taking blows from WBC Women’s Champion Ava Knight.

Despite taking blows, Jonas’ appealing eyes communicated that he liked the workout, and it helps to develop that chiseled body. He surely can be regarded as a man with the nerves of steel!

With an impressive six-pack and chiseled arms, Jonas has done justice to the phrase “no pain, no gain.”

Jonas posted a sizzling shirtless photo on Instagram while working out at a Chicago-area gym.

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The musician seems to be a fitness freak as he reveals a number of pictures working out.

Kick Back Sunday ? @steventaylor

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Jonas’ Diet and Exercise Routines

His exercise routine includes weightlifting, kickboxing, jogging, and other extreme sports.

Jonas works out with his personal trainer regularly and sports a windbreaker jacket to sweat more and shed more fat.

Jonas makes it a point to work out before every show, and does it with one of his security guards. “He’s really ripped and in very good condition. I like to go running, so he usually goes with me and always pushes me to the limit.” says his guard to Seventeen magazine.

His peppy shows do require a lot of energy, which he gains by working out before the show. He consumes Gatorade and Luna bars post-workout to replenish himself.

Chocolate marshmallow ice cream, barbecued chicken pizza, and chicken cutlet with mayo are some of his favorite foods. Some of his favorite places for his unhealthy foods include Joe’s Pizza, Brigadeiro Bakery, and Black Iron Burger, where Jonas orders a turkey burger with avocado.

He does consume a lot of processed and unhealthy foods, but also opts for healthier options like protein bars and cold-pressed green juice. His choices of food are balanced with the exercise.

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