Joe Jonas Workout: Six-Pack Abs and Fitness Secrets

Joe Jonas
Photo Credit: Ronin 47/London Entertainment

Musician Joe Jonas rose to fame along with brothers Nick and Kevin in the band Jonas Brothers and currently fronts his new band, DNCE. It takes a lot of energy to perform on stage the way he does, so you can imagine that the Joe Jonas workout routine is pretty intense.

Jonas is a self-proclaimed exercise addict, and has a history of working out before every performance. To stay in shape for his shows, Joe Jonas’s exercise routine includes lifting weights; he also enjoys jogging and boxing sessions. So have his workouts generated results? According to a photo posted on Joe Jonas’s Instagram account, it would appear so; Joe Jonas’s six-pack abs were recently featured in a photo on the social media site. Aside from Joe Jonas’s abs, the DNCE front man sometimes also shows off his biceps.

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What Is the Joe Jonas Workout and Diet Plan?

What are Joe Jonas’s fitness secrets? For one, he works with a personal trainer on a regular basis, but one potential secret of Joe Jonas’s workout plan is that he wears a windbreaker to help him sweat more, which could lead to shedding greater amounts of fat. Maybe he even watches exercise videos, like regular people.

It’s a good thing he follows an exercise routine, because the singer seemingly eats whatever he wants. He is known to replenish himself after a workout session with Gatorade and Luna bars. Other favorite foods of his include barbecued chicken pizza, chicken cutlets with mayo, and chocolate marshmallow ice cream.

That’s certainly a lot of processed food, restaurant food, and fast food for a self-proclaimed exercise addict. However, sometimes Jonas consumes healthier choices while on the go, including a protein bar or cold-pressed green juice. He says he tries to eat healthy, but also thinks balance is important, especially if he’s in a city that’s known for a particular food or a great restaurant. For instance, while in New York City, he’ll order meunière, a delicious dish with brook trout, dried apricots, and sesame. Other New York favorites of his include Joe’s Pizza, Brigadeiro Bakery, and Black Iron Burger, where Jonas tends to order a turkey burger with avocado, but without the mayo, cheese, and bun.

Joe Jonas is more than just a talented singer and songwriter. He’s also been featured in TV and movies such as playing himself in Zoolander 2, Johnny Casino in the Grease Live TV special, and a guest-starring role in Angie Tribeca.

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