John Tesh: Eat Beans to Lose Weight

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You're full of beans!

You know that old saying, “You’re full of beans?” Well it turns out, that might not be such a bad thing. Beans are not only full of fiber, they can help you lose weight.

As musician John Tesh recently tweeted, the fiber found in beans can help adults lose even more weight when compared to individuals who don’t follow bean-filled diets:


Study: People Who Eat Beans Weigh Less

According to research from the National Nutrition and Health Examination Survey, people who eat beans weigh less than those who don’t—mainly because the fiber consumption of bean eaters is about one-third higher than those who don’t eat beans.

The research revealed that adult bean eaters eat a reduced amount of saturated fat compared to non-bean eaters. The bean eaters also have a 22 percent lower risk of obesity!

Further, researchers discovered that adults who eat beans have smaller waist sizes—anywhere between 3 ¼ of an inch and inch.

Of course losing weight isn’t all about beans. You have to maintain a balanced, healthy diet  that includes fruits and veggies, dairy, protein, and grains.  If you’re a snack fiend and can’t help but munch on  treats throughout the day, avoid snacks that are salty or high in calories. Opt for hummus and bell peppers, carrots, yoghurt with freshly-diced fruit on top, or an apple and a piece of cheese.

One of the top sources of fiber and protein, of course, is beans. Try to include any combination of the following beans in your balanced diet: garbanzo beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, lentils, split peas and black beans.

As mentioned, beans are filled with fiber and can contribute toward weight loss. Barring any allergies, seeds and nuts should also be a part of a balanced diet; or you can opt for soy products such as tofu.

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