JoJo Fletcher Birthday: Fiance Jordan Rodgers Treats Bachelorette with a Big Cake on 26th Birthday

JoJo Fletcher
Credit: Cooper Neill / Stringer/ Getty

Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher celebrated her 26th birthday with fiancé Jordan Rodgers and a massive slice of cake.

Covered in white icing cream and topped with fresh berries, Fletcher took to Instagram to share a photo of the celebratory cake and captioned with enthusiasm that, yes, they (her and Jordan) ate the WHOLE thing – the cake that is.

Since it was her birthday, Fletcher had every right to indulge, but on the regular, she sticks with a healthy diet. Here is a look into how she stays in shape.

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…. Yes, sadly (but not really, more like amazing) we ate that entire piece of cake. And LOVED IT. ???

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JoJo Fletcher Celebrates Her 26th Birthday Looking Great

JoJo Fletcher is stunning, and she looked glowing on her 26th birthday beside her husband to be, Jordan Rodgers. It might be because he wished her a gushing happy birthday over Instagram, posting a cute collage of memories and writing:

“You deserve the world and I’m going to keep trying to give you all of it! The first of many birthdays to honor (and tease) the unbelievable human being you are.”

Pretty cute, right? Fletcher thought so, too, responding: “This! You! I love you so very very much!” It sounds like they are both very much in love, despite rumours of a split since they postponed their wedding.

While they both have their hearts set on a 2017 wedding, the details on the location are still being determined since they have family in both Dallas and California.

The cute couple currently lives together in Fletcher’s hometown of Dallas, Texas. In a recent interview with E! News, Fletcher maintained that she and Jordan were “just enjoying being together right now,” putting all the doubters to rest.

Despite all the hustle and bustle around wedding preparation, Fletcher looks glowing. One might attribute this to her diet and workout regimen, which has her hitting the gym a couple times per week, doing cardio on the Stairmaster and treadmill.

Sometimes she even does some light weightlifting. She is also a fan of cycling classes—as are many celebs these days. Sometimes JoJo even likes simple outdoor workouts like taking her dog for a run in the park.

What’s the JoJo Fletcher diet, you ask? Well, it’s a healthy diet, of course. She sticks to a lot of clean, healthy foods and prepares the majority of her own meals to avoid excess junk. Some of her favorite dishes would include grilled chicken and broccoli. Of course, Fletcher loves some good Mexican food on occasion, too.

Soon to be hubby Jordan Rodgers’ fitness is imagined to be very similar to JoJo in that he would likely stick to a healthy diet and workout regimen to keep his amazingly chiseled body and rock hard abs.

Although his exact workout regimen is unknown, it’s not a stretch to assume that Rodgers does cardio as well as strength training—possibly weight lifting, too—to bulk up his muscles. As with any workout regimen, eating a high-protein and low-carb diet enhances results, so he may follow something similar.

Happy birthday, JoJo Fletcher!


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