JoJo Fletcher, Fiance Jordan Rodgers on Wedding Plans: “The Bachelorette” Couple Is Currently Focusing on Fitness

JoJo Fletcher
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The Bachelorette stunning actress, JoJo Fletcher, and fiance and co-star Jordan Rodgers, are looking forward to walk down the aisle together, but are in no hurry to pick a wedding date. They have been engaged since Season 12, and fans are eagerly waiting to hear on their wedding date. The couple are equally excited about the wedding, and Fletcher told Entertainment Tonight, “We talk about it all the time.” She added, “We have all these ideas. I work on my Pinterest board … We’re definitely actively talking about what we would want and where.”

Meanwhile, Fletcher took to Instagram and posted this photo. The couple look incredibly good together. They also look super fit. This obviously means that they have been taking their fitness regimens seriously.

While many admirers are wondering about the wedding date, the couple are enjoying their moments together. Fletcher confirmed, “We haven’t set anything.” She added, “We’re having fun! We’re just enjoying it right now. Like, no pressure, no stress.”

The couple must be deeply in love as this post shows great affection between them. Fletcher posted, “I think this is the moment @jrodgers11 told me he loved the furry chair also ;)”

Loving furry chair? That must have been quite a moment for the couple. The reality TV stars were off to Austin, Texas recently for a wedding. Fletcher was probably a bridesmaid at the event and Rodgers was her date. This Instagram post from the event shows the couple together. Rodgers posted, “All I need in life right in one picture: a tailored blue suit, and two nicely manicured shrubs, oh yeah almost forgot….and my favorite human ever @joelle_fletcher.”

How do the couple stay in shape? What is JoJo Fletcher’s favorite food? How does Jordan Rodgers work out? Let’s take a brief look at how the couple stays in shape.

JoJo Fletcher’s Workout Routine

Fletcher looks incredibly fit. She seems to love wearing figure-fitting dresses which definitely requires her to work out. She also does not shy away from showing her well-toned bikini body. She’s excited about planning her wedding day and knows that she has to stay in shape for the most important day in her life.

Growing up, she has always been athletic, playing basketball and volleyball. Now, she hits the gym regularly and does cardio workouts. Her workout routine also includes light weight lifting.

She told US Weekly, “I do a lot of cardio, like the StairMaster and spin classes.” She added, “I’ll take my dog [Jackson, a German shorthaired pointer] to the park and run with him. That counts!” She loves outdoor activities and also plays golf as shown in this Instagram post.

#2 hole fun….

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She admits her love of food and said, “I love food too much. I cook more now that I’m getting older because you can’t eat out every single day. I eat healthy, and then I’ll have a cheat day.”

Fletcher’s favorite food includes macaroni and cheese. She said, “I love Mexican food and truffle mac ‘n’ cheese — anything cheesy.” She also loves pomegranate and considers it an all-time favorite of hers. Fletcher also likes grilled chicken and steamed broccoli, which she considers as her favorite easy and healthy meal. She tries to cook her own food and admits that she is an average cook. She does not enjoy dieting.

Jordan Rodgers’ Workout Routine

Rodgers looks incredibly fit too and he stays focused on his fitness through a dedicated workout and diet regimen just like Fletcher. Rodgers posted this video in memory of his former Vanderbilt teammate, Connor Morrison and Michael Ellis, a 14-year-old quarterback who he trained weekly in Memphis. The video highlights his dedicated approach to his workout routine.

New chapters in your life don't mean that you lose the passion you once had, just means you change focus. I love working on new drills to coach and challenge kids to chase their dreams and help college QBs take that next step. You might think the the most important part of that chapter of my playing career was the accomplishments or the failures, the wins or loses, the crowds and excitement. Nope. The most important aspect of football in my life is and was the people that God placed in my path along the way. The people that had a positive impact on my life as a man, not a player. I miss days like today where all I want is to be on the field coaching or training with a group of guys that all have that same passion and drive to better themselves. That's what I miss. The offseason. The locker room. The relationships. That's what define you, not what you did or didn't accomplish as an athlete, but who you impact with your character and life. Working on some drills with a heavy heart today. Thinking about the passing of my former Vanderbilt teammate Connor Morrison and Michael Ellis a 14yr old QB I trained weekly in Memphis. Both taken last week way before their time. Glad I had lunch with Michael one last time a few weeks ago at the MPA camp. As a leader and as a coach you hope you make an impact on every one of your teammates and kids, but occasionally you are the one impacted by men like this that put life into perspective. Both had a contagious passion for the game, for their teammates, for laughing, and enjoying the ride. They made me look forward to practice and to coaching because they were a joy to be around. Live in the moment, spread love and encouragement to everyone you touch, and don't take a day for granted to not chase what you love and be around those that breathe life into your day. RIP Connor and Mikey, you are missed but will never be forgotten.

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Here is another Instagram post.

This boat isn't going gently down any stream… #lunchbreak #converse @theangelopoli kicking my butt since '10

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There will always be some speculation about the wedding of JoJo Fletcher and fiance, Jordan Rodgers until a date is announced. The couple look good together and they seem to be having a lot of fun planning their wedding. Meanwhile, fitness fans can learn from the couple by adopting a healthy lifestyle centered around working out and dieting.



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