Jordan Rodgers, Jojo Fletcher Wedding is on: The Bachelorette Couple Preparing Hard to Stay in Shape

JoJo Fletcher
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Hard to Stay in Shape

The Bachelorette couple started dating during season 12 of ABC’s hit reality show, and revealed that they would be tying the knot soon. With the advancing rumors of the couples split, Fletcher told E! News, “We just don’t pay any attention to it. There’s always going to be something, so we just pay no attention to it and live our lives.”

“Anyone who follows us on any social media can tell that that’s absolutely not true,” Rodgers told their fans. The couple still has not disclosed their plans about the wedding venue and date.

“We’re trying to figure out where it’s going to be first,” Rodgers told E! News. “We have family in California, family in Dallas…”

“We’re just enjoying being together right now,” Fletcher said, adding that living together in Texas is “so good.”

JoJo Fletcher’s Diet and Workout

The bride-to-be is spending a lot of time transforming her body. She told US Weekly that to stay in great shape, she hits the gym a few times a week for cardio. She likes taking spin classes and exercising on the StairMaster, and she also loves outdoor workouts like running in the park with her dog Jackson. During her childhood, she loved playing basketball, volleyball, and running track.

Her diet compliments her workouts. She has a healthy diet but surrenders herself to occasional indulgences. “Dieting is hard for me,” Fletcher told US Weekly in their June issue. “I love food too much. … I love Mexican food and truffle mac ’n’ cheese — anything cheesy!”

She loves Mexican food and can prepare a good quesadilla. With her increasing age, she is concerned about eating out daily; thus, she’s been making her own food. She says steaming broccoli and grilling a piece of chicken is quite easy and healthy. Her svelte figure is the proof of her healthy eating and dedication to workouts.

Jordan Rodgers Workout

Rodgers is much more than a high-profile ex-sportsman with good looks and great athletic skills. He played a few years on various pro-football practice squads. He plays golf and loves coaching football for kids as well.

He co-founded MetPro, a nutrition and lifestyle coaching company to train people to lose weight through dieting. He is very excited and passionate about it. Nutrition and fitness is a major part of his life and he would love to help others change their lives with his immense knowledge, he says. He also has his own food truck inspired by the movie Chef.

Rodgers does CrossFit and loves to dance. According to his Instagram, he insists doing on doing more things that scare you, like bungee jumping.

2016 Goals: Do more things that scare you, and try things you didn't physically think possible. First on the list bungee jumping (scared of heights) and daily cardio (hate/suck at it). My weapon of choice the rower, goal 4,000m/day. Pick a fitness goal and make it a daily activity. I've learned to love this machine and interval training. Go to custom list of workouts on the Concept 2 and select 1:40/:20 for 9 sets. Set a pace goal for every round, for an added challenge increase your pace by 5 seconds each round for the first 5 sets, rest then repeat for last 4 rounds. See how many meters you tally by the end and push yourself to be better every day! #nike #nikemetcon #fitnessgoals #wholebodyfitness Don't forget nutrition is the catalyst for even bigger change #metabolicprofiling #athletenutrition

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He loves interval training and boxing too. He Instagrammed a pic depicting his workout session in the gym.

This boat isn't going gently down any stream… #lunchbreak #converse @theangelopoli kicking my butt since '10

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Based on the couples training routine, we feel they will surely look their best on their wedding day.

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