Josephine Skriver Arrives for Victoria Secret Fashion Show: Here’s How Victoria Secret Angel Gets Runway Ready

Josephine Skriver
Credit: Brian Ach / Stringer / Getty

Did you know that the stunning Victoria’s Secret Angel, Josephine Skriver, will be walking the runway at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on December 5? Yes, be sure to look out for the blonde bombshell during the much-anticipated show.

If you’ve seen this show before, then you know there is a lot to look forward to. So, how is this angel staying in shape and preparing for the big day? Here’s the scoop.

Josephine Skriver on Fitness

You’d be lying if you said you haven’t once wanted to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. They always appear so perfect and in such incredible shape. It may not be the most achievable goal for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to know some of the secrets that keep these women looking beautiful.

A recent publication sat down with Josephine Skriver and asked all the questions we’re dying to know. How does she stay fit? What does she really eat, and what are some of her food indulgences? Well, you may be surprised to discover that Skriver is down to earth, and anyone can follow some of her tips for a tighter figure.

Beginning with Skriver’s fitness, one thing you should know is that she adores living an active lifestyle. Skriver has always been active, even in her childhood, and thrives on having fun while burning calories.

She’s not really a gym rat and thinks that can get boring after a while—many would agree with her there. She instead believes in finding exciting and stimulating activities that keep you wanting to stay active. This is a great way of exercising without it having to feel like a chore.

@raiders fans will understand. working out to the autumn wind!!! gameday baby!!! ?????

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Skriver really enjoys doing boot camp style workout classes at a studio called Dogpound. This boot camp style workout is packed with variety, which is one reason she loves it. One day, there could be weightlifting, while the next day she’ll do some boxing, and other times, bodyweight workouts. She likes the fact that every day is different.

Skriver also enjoys biking and hiking—she especially loves these activities because they connect her to nature and the outdoors. Outdoor activities and spending time in nature are also excellent ways to boost mental health, in addition to physical health.

Skriver does not believe in dieting or fad diets. She really likes to focus on healthy eating as a lifestyle. She is big on eating a protein diet and enjoys eating meat. Her philosophy is to eat what works for your body, and to eat everything in moderation.

Moderation in eating can in some ways be similar to portion control. Eating smaller meals throughout the day versus binging on large sized meals promotes a healthy and efficient metabolism. When she is on the go, Skriver likes to pack snacks like fresh fruits and nuts. These types of snacks are lightweight and easy to carry around, so it makes sense that these are her go-to.

Okay, so if you’re wondering if Skriver has any guilty pleasures, the answer is yes! She admits her biggest weakness is chocolate.

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