Julianne Hough on DWTS Season: Dancer Flaunts Svelte Body in Black Gown, Diet & Fitness Secrets Revealed

Julianne Hough
Credit: Phillip Faraone / Stringe / Getty

DWTS’ glamorous judge Julianne Hough definitely has a svelte body. It was even clearer when she attended Dancing with the Stars season finale red carpet event on Tuesday in Los Angeles. The former champion looked absolutely stunning in a dramatic black floral gown.

The 28-year-old is actually a two-time professional winner of the show, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about having what it takes to win, which makes her a great judge. How does she stay in such great shape? We have the scoop.

Julianne Hough Diet and Workout Regimen

Julianne Hough is not only a great DWTS judge and actress, but also a great role model for health and fitness. Maintaining her lean and strong figure means that Hough is working out five times a week and following a clean eating diet.

Of course, she still has one day of indulgence per week (you got to stay sane, people) and it might be some Italian food, pizza, or even pasta.

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With fitness being a huge part of her lifestyle, Hough really likes to keep a mindful approach to it all. She really tends to her fitness for reasons more than physical appearance, although that’s certainly a plus. According to Hough, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more about keeping a good “internal shape.” For Hough, that means that when she exercises, she has more energy, feels happier, and feels better overall. Those are pretty awesome reasons for staying healthy and working out. Ultimately, it’s about keeping good health from the inside-out, and she seems to get this first hand.

Some things she likes to do to keep fit include juicing. Hough likes to prepare green juices with green apple, spinach, and kale. She sometimes adds carrots or ginger, lemon or cucumber, and celery. It all depends on what she is feeling on a particular day. After juicing though, she likes to workout.

To keep her workouts entertaining, Hough likes to switch them up. Sometimes she likes to do yoga; other times its spinning, or even a long hike. Hough also exercises with a personal trainer sometimes, where she will lift weights and do a lot of cardio. She also likes to take a dance class on occasion. She tries to work out five times a week and usually starts her day with exercise. The length of her workouts varies according to her mood, so sometimes she has a 45-minute workout, while other times its one and a half hours.

After exercising in the morning, Hough likes to make eggs. She steams her eggs and pairs them with avocado and tomato. For lunch, she likes to eat healthy wraps that contain a lot of veggies, salad, and protein like chicken. For dinner, Hough usually eats fresh fish or grilled chicken with veggies—she also likes to eat Italian foods like pizza and pasta. Her favorite restaurant in L.A. is called “La Piazza,” and she likes to go there with friends to have the penne arrabiata, margherita pizza, and some delightful wine. Although she used to be a bigger fan of sweets and desserts in the past, Hough admits she would much rather have a glass of wine these days. When she is really craving something sweet, her go-to is ice cream. You’ve got to love her for keeping a good balance.

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