Julianne Hough Shows off Toned Body at Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2016

Photo credit: Photographer Group / Splash News
Julianne Hough

Photo credit: Photographer Group / Splash News

The Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held this past week, and Julianne Hough was in attendance and looked smashing as always. Grease Live took home a few awards, a show Hough was part of, playing the iconic role of Sandy Olsson.

It’s no surprise that Hough looked stunning in her lace floral cut-out dress; her workout routine is fierce, so the only thing that could come of it is a beautifully toned figure. The dancing star is constantly turning heads and gracing covers of magazines with her toned abs and shapely legs, and her Instagram account often has pictures showing off her fit body.

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The Dancing with the Stars judge follows a clean daily diet plan; she eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, keeps carbs to a minimum, and opts for high protein foods instead—she does allow opportunities to enjoy some alcoholic beverages and sugar on occasion.

But diet alone isn’t enough to get the body and abs that Hough has; a hard workout routine has a lot to do with it. She says her routine is intense, but she sticks to it not only because it makes her look good, but because she feels good doing it and has fun as well. A regular fitness regimen keeps her at the top of her game and gives her energy to accomplish what she needs to.

Hough is a fan of mixing up her workout routine by doing a bunch of activities, including trampoline classes (a new trend in fitness), power yoga, and indoor cycling classes. Even though she’s extremely busy with her work and her daily life, she schedules in her workouts so that they become a priority and an integral part of her day.

First thing after rising, Hough and fiancé Brooks Laich have a fresh-pressed juice from produce Laich gets from the farmers’ market every morning. After that, Hough heads out to whatever workout is called for that day, then follows up with a protein shake as one of her go-to post workout snacks.

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough’s Workout Week at a Glance

Hough works out six days a week without exception, and takes breaks only on Sundays to give her body a rest. This is what her week of exercise looks like:

Monday: Trampoline Cardio at Body by Simone. Hough loves the high-energy workout.

Tuesday: Hot Yoga at CorePower Yoga. Yoga grounds her and balances her high energy with a soothing practice. Hot yoga in particular is a favorite because she says it stretches her out.

Wednesday: Hough works out with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson and often does a dance cardio routine with her.

Thursday: SoulCycle spinning classes are on deck this day.

Friday: Rest day, but she still does small bursts of activity.

Saturday: A CrossFit-inspired beach workout with Laich. Working out on the sand adds a challenge to the muscles in the body.

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