Julianne Hough’s Family Workout: How Derek Hough’s Sister Keeps in Shape

Julianne Hough’s Family Workout: How Derek Hough’s Sister Keeps in Shape
Credit: Tommaso Boddi / Stringer/ Getty

Julianne Hough and brother, Derek Hough, love doing workouts together, and sometimes they make it a huge family affair. A few days ago, the professional dancer and  Dancing with the Stars judge posted a pic to Instagram of her with Derek, all of her sisters, and mom working out together.

“Family that workout together, sweat together…. wait, what?! Seriously though, my sister @shareewise seriously knows how to kick some major booty (literally). We took her “Rock Bottom” and “Cardio Kickboxing” classes today! All the while, all my sisters and momma are wearing my @mpgsport collection (I was being festive with my leggings, but my sports bra is from my spring 2017 collection. Love love love my family!!!!! ?❤”

Julianne Hough’s Workout Week at a Glance

This dancer works out six days a week without exception, and breaks on Sundays to give her body a much-needed rest. This is what the 28-year-old’s week of exercise looks like based on the interview she gave to SELF this past September.

Monday: Trampoline Cardio at Body By Simone. Hough loves the high-energy workout. “I’m a high-energy person, so I really like those high-energy, sweat-it-out workouts.”

Tuesday: Hot yoga at CorePower Yoga. Yoga grounds her and balances her high energy with a soothing practice. Hot yoga in particular is a favorite. “Because I’m high-energy, yoga kind of just grounds me. It makes me feel more centered and balanced. And I like hot yoga because it really stretches me out,” the dancing pro said.

Wednesday: Hough works out with her personal trainer Tracy Anderson and often does a dance cardio routine with her that is high-powered and intense. Anderson is known to kick her client’s butts with her energized workouts that create a solid sweat.

Thursday: SoulCycle spinning classes are on deck this day. These classes burn a ridiculous number of calories and leave class attendees with rubbery legs after getting worked so hard.

Friday: Rest day, but she still does small bursts of activity this day. “My favorite thing to do is, like, little. If I can’t work out, I’ll just find somewhere to do five minutes of something. It’s just about being active.”

Saturday: A CrossFit-inspired beach workout with fiancé Brooks Laich. Working out on the sand adds a challenge to the muscles in the body. “On Saturday, I went to the beach and did a beach workout,” Hough told SELF in the interview. “I was like, ‘alright, I’ll go try it,’ and it was so hard. Working out on the sand is hard, but it’s also so great.”

On weekends, Hough likes to also go hiking with her friends or take another yoga class, but it all depends on how she feels and what she feels like doing. Having a variety of activities to do is great for this reason because there will always be something to do if one doesn’t appeal on a certain day.

The Dancing with the Stars judge admits to hating the gym. She would rather do a dance workout. In an interview with ET, Hough said that she gets bored easily. “[S]o I have to mix it up a bunch. I’m one of those people that loves to try everything.”


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