Justin Bieber’s Lean Body: Diet Helps More than Workout Routine

Justin Bieber
Photo Credit: D.Wieland / Splash News

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is often found on stage showing off his chiseled body and washboard abs. However, when it comes to his health, the 22-year-old focuses on diet more than his workout routine.

Bieber is considered an ectomorph; that is, his body type is naturally lean and lightly muscled. That said, he does spend time in the gym to keep in shape.

He has an athletic trainer and nutritionist, and his current goal is to increase upper body mass. Bieber works out five times weekly for 40 minutes per session.

Ectomorphs have a harder time recovering from longer workouts and often struggle to build muscle. Bieber’s workouts focus multi-joint exercises that focus on several muscle groups simultaneously.

Bieber also follows a strict diet plan to build muscle. This has led him gaining more than 20 pounds of lean muscle in the past few years.

What are some of the key components of Justin Bieber’s diet?

  • He several small meals throughout the day; four to six times daily, and even more when he is active.
  • He drinks lots of water and green tea. The antioxidants in green tea help burn fat and provide energy.
  • He avoids refined grains and processed foods, and also eats fresh fruit instead of processed fruit juices.

Bieber has also become obsessed with green juices. His fridge is stocked with green juice. He drinks at least one a day, and has them delivered to his home.

Although Justin Bieber does exercise, the singer also pays special attention to his diet, and there are many health experts that agree with this strategy. After all, food is the fuel for the body, and it’s always better to use the best foods available, such as organic vegetables and fruits, plus meats with fewer chemicals. Combine that with regular workouts and you can see results, too!

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