Karlie Kloss on Instagram: Victoria’s Secret Angel on Fitness Goal, Staying in Shape with Boxing Workout

Karlie Kloss
Photo credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Karlie Kloss has a new fitness goal. The Victoria’s Secret Angel is staying in shape with her favorite workout exercise—boxing.

Karlie Kloss Instagrammed a video of the boxing workout and she looked ferocious as she threw intense punches at her trainer. She showcased her strong and toned arms and her chiseled abs cannot be overlooked.

call me knock out ?? #fitnessfriday

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She captioned the post, “call me knock out.” Read on to know her fitness and diet secrets.

Karlie Kloss’ Diet Plan

Karlie Kloss doesn’t rely on starvation or fad diets to stay fit. Instead she eats healthy most of the times.

She told StyleCaster, “I don’t follow a specific diet. Instead, I try to eat as healthy as possible and choose foods that make me feel great.” She continued, “I try to stick to lean proteins and vegetables with healthy snacks in between.” She loves to eat fruits and avocado is one of her favorites. She loves adding it to any dish.

She loves to snack on almonds, apples, and an oatmeal. She always carries some snacks like Greek yogurt and peanut butter and drinks plenty of coconut water to keep away from consuming junk.

Her day starts with an omelet with avocado and Tabasco sauce, and coffee with almond milk. Post-work out, she eats fresh fruits that perk her up with energy; she prefers eating bananas and strawberries. For lunch she prefers eating proteins and veggies, and especially enjoys salads from Sweetgreen. Her dinner is also protein-rich and consists of lean proteins and vegetables.

She knows how to deal with her cravings. She advises her fans to not give in to their cravings and to find a healthy alternative instead. She says if you are craving salty foods, find a healthy version of a salty snack, and the same with sugar cravings.

Karlie Kloss’ Workout Routine

Kloss isn’t a newbie at the gym and knows very well how to keep in shape. It’s common for her admirers to hunt for the Angel’s fitness secrets but apart from working out, there aren’t any! Exercises are a part of her routine and Kloss works out to increase her strength and flexibility. She ensures she works out at least four times a week.

She does a lot of cardio like skipping rope and running. Every morning she enjoys a long run and an ab workout for 60 minutes. She loves Pilates and takes a 60-minute Pilates class once a week. She focuses on her core and upper body and confesses to feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the class. SoulCycle is also a part of her workout routine.

Karlie Kloss loves dancing and she heads over to AKT classes when she wants to do high-intensity, dance-inspired cardio workouts. She takes the classes for 90 minutes and says she feels energized and limber after it. She also enjoys Mary Helen Bower’s Ballet Beautiful classes because it helps her learn different ways to elegantly move the body.

Karlie Kloss has perfected the balance of healthy eating with regular workouts. Keeping in shape was never so simple!



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