Karlie Kloss & Martha Hunt Killing It in the Gym, Workout Intensifies Ahead of Victoria’s Secret Show

Karlie Kloss
Credit: Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty

Supermodels Karlie Kloss and Martha Hunt are preparing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on December 5, 2016 in Paris. The stunning beauties are no doubt looking forward to this event, which is recognized and highly anticipated worldwide.

So, have you ever wondered what a Victoria’s Secret model does to prep for a show, or how they keep their slender and toned figures? Well, if you didn’t already know, SoulCycle workouts are a bit of a thing right now, and both of these ladies love to get their sweat on this way!

Karlie Kloss and Martha Hunt: How Do The Angels Stay Fit?

Both Kloss and Hunt have been preparing for the show by working out at Dogpound, a gym co-founded by Kirk Myers—it’s known for its super intense training sessions. They definitely got in some serious abs work, and in her recent Instagram posts, Kloss revealed workout moves on the slide board.

Working out on the slide board amps up the intensity, as well as challenging the core to work harder to stay balanced. From the looks of it, Kloss is a natural and the catwalk should be a piece of cake.

So, what does Kloss do besides the slide board to maintain her figure? It’s a combination of a healthy and balanced diet, as well as exercise. She doesn’t follow a specific diet, but Kloss tries to eat as healthy as possible, and that means choosing foods that make her feel good. She sticks with tons of lean protein, vegetable options, and she snacks on healthy foods in between meals.

For instance, breakfast might be an egg white omelet with tabasco sauce and some avocado with a side of coffee and almond milk. Lunch is protein and veggies or a salad from Sweetgreen. For dinner, Kloss might eat fish with leafy greens and veggies. The snacks she carries include apples, oatmeal, and almonds, as well as dark chocolate.

Kloss works out around four times a week, and her goal is always to increase her strength and flexibility. If she can’t make it to the gym due to travelling, she still tries to stay active. Some of her favorite fitness classes include AKT, which uses dance in a high intensity workout. Kloss is a big fan of group classes.

She also likes to go for long runs outside as her cardio workout. She follows the run with abs work, which she does in the park. She also is a big fan of Pilates workouts, which focus on her core and upper body training.

Martha Hunt can be found working up a sweat at a Body by Simone fitness club which is a favorite of celebrities. She focuses on a lot of cardio work, which is excellent for the heart. She does dance and trampoline cardio, as well as resistance band training. Hunt also shared with E! News that she has decided to add more weights to her training, and she has really enjoyed this change because of the strength it brings her.

She even claims to feel “stronger than I’ve ever felt.” Oh, and did you know her favorite part to work out is her booty? Yes, even though it’s the hardest, Hunt maintains that seeing the results is what keeps her motivated.

How is she preparing for crunch time? Well, she shared that most of the angels like to prepare by amping up their workouts, not skipping weekends, and working out pretty much every day—but not going overboard. Balance is everything.



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