Kate Hudson, Britney Spears Completely Nailed the Mannequin Challenge with Intense Fitness Regime

Kate Hudson
Photo credit: Joe Scarnici / Stringer /Getty

Singer, dancer, and actress, Britney Spears, completely nailed the performance of a frozen in action moment, impressively contributing to the viral Mannequin Challenge trend. The stunning singer who released her ninth studio album, Glory, on August 26, 2016, is creating waves amongst Mannequin Challenge followers with her recent video stunt for the challenge. Deepwater Horizon star, Kate Hudson, also joined the viral trend of the Mannequin Challenge bandwagon recently.

The pop superstar, Spears, posed on stage for the video stunt at the Axis at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. She sported a canary yellow T-shirt and tight black shorts. For the performance, she is positioned herself on her hands and knees with her right leg extended outward, and as she freezes, her dancers also freeze in place. The singer posted the video on Instagram captioned, “We use our bodies to make our own #MannequinChallenge.”

We use our bodies to make our own #MannequinChallenge ? THANK YOU for voting #PieceOfMe for @TheBestOfLV!!!

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At the end of the video clip, a sheet of paper is shown highlighting Spears’ latest accomplishment on being named as the best resident performer in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s 2016 Best of Las Vegas Awards. This seems like a cue for the frozen dancers to break into cheers and high fives, celebrating the accomplishment. Spears adds in the Instagram post, “THANK YOU for voting #PieceOfMe for @TheBestOfLV!!!”

Spears flaunts her incredibly super fit body in her video performance. Fitness is probably the key to an ideal Mannequin Challenge performance. How do the Mannequin Challenge stars, Hudson and Spears, maintain their fitness? Keep reading to find out more.

Staying in Shape Like Britney Spears

Spears adopted a diverse set of workouts to maintain her fitness. She includes a cardio workout to keep her caloric values in balance. She also tries to incorporate her dance workout while doing the cardio exercises, which are not only fun, but also a great way of losing body fat. She includes exercising on treadmill three days a week, and spends 20 minutes on a spinning workout. She also tries to add light resistance in her training sessions and incorporates an abs workout.

The superstar credits yoga for her well-toned looks. She practices yoga with Elizabeth I., owner of EQI Yoga Studio in Los Angeles. Her yoga practice sessions range from 60 to 90 minute, with different mix of yoga poses, which helps in sculpting her various parts of her body and also boosts her flexibility.

The pop superstar follows a diet plan, which contains 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of non-fibers, and 10% to 20% of non-saturated fats. She also avoids consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrate foods which form sugar on decomposing. She tries to have foods containing more carbohydrates in the afternoon, and focuses on fiber rich diets. The superstar prefers having six meals a day, and likes prepared organic food, and this consists of chicken, vegetables, and other low calorie items.

Kate Hudson’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hudson has an enviable figure which is the outcome of intense workouts. She is a fitness enthusiast and tries to include workouts likes rope jumping, Pilates, yoga, running, and hiking. She feels that Pilates helps builds her core strength.

Celebrity trainer, Nicole Stuart, helps Hudson with her intensive workout routine. This routine focuses on Pilates, and includes various mix of moves which helps Hudson to stay extremely fit.

The stunning actress steers away from processed, fried, and oily foods and incorporates wholesome foods in her diet plan which are packed with vitamins, minerals, iron, and other vital nutrients. She practices portion control in her diet, and follows a 1,500 caloric intake when she wishes to trim down.

She likes to have yogurt and tries to include it once or twice in her meals daily. She does not believe in any crash diet plans, and also goes on a juice diet to detoxify her body once or twice in a year.

Mannequin Challenge performers, Kate Hudson and Britney Spears are creating waves among fans with their brilliant frozen performances, and it is great to see how the superstars are dedicated to their fitness routines. To stay super fit like celebrities, just try adopting their fitness regime.



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