Kate Hudson in Bikini During Ibiza Vacation, Looks Awesome Due to Fitness Plan

Credit: Instagram/Splash News

Lorde_kate hudson_200716On vacation in Ibiza with friends, actress Kate Hudson was photographed doing a handstand in the pool of her resort, showing off her peak physical condition thanks to her fitness plan. She’s 36, and many may think that’s too old for someone to pull off a stunt like that, but with her slight frame and light body, it was probably fairly easy; though being in a pool helps.

In another Instagram photo on the same trip to Ibiza, Hudson is shown eating healthy fare at lunch with three friends. The photo shows an array of colorful fruits and vegetables on hand for the girls to enjoy a day after the handstand pic went live. Knowing how strict Hudson’s diet plan and workout routine are, and given her level of fitness, there is no surprise that there weren’t any meat-filled sandwiches available.

Kate Hudson

Credit: Instagram/Splash News

Kate Hudson Mainly Avoids Meat, Dairy and Gluten—Sticks to Workout Routine

According to Hudson, the key to her workout routines and keeping in shape is to mix up what she does. Sometimes she will do a Tracy Anderson workout, other days it’s Body by Simone; it depends on her mood. But the one thing she loves doing is Pilates, because it makes her feel like she’s “back to [her] body” when using the Reformer or the Cadillac (pieces of equipment used in traditional Pilates).

Kate Hudson isn’t a breakfast person, but she still tries to have at least a green juice and especially a coffee in the morning. She admits that she doesn’t wake up hungry, but knows it’s important to start your day off with something in your gut, even something small. Her diet is mostly alkaline-based and she says that about 60% of her calories come from tofu, nuts, fruits and vegetables. She doesn’t eat meat, dairy, or gluten, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to indulge either. Once a week she goes to a restaurant and has whatever she feels like. Either way, her fitness and diet regimen have given her an enviable body and the ability to do handstands in pools in Ibiza and look great doing it.

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