Kate Hudson Shares Workout Routine, Follows Strict Alkaline Diet Plan, Loves SoulCycle Training

Photo Credit: Christopher Peterson/Splash News
Kate Hudson

Photo Credit: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Kate Hudson’s workout routine and diet plan are fairly regimented, and that’s no surprise considering how slim and in shape she is. The media seems to talk an awful lot about her abs, and that’s because they are in fantastic shape. After having her second son, she was 70 pounds heavier than she was before her pregnancy (hard to picture it now!).

The actress had a harder time losing the weight because she was older than when she had her first son. So how did she lose the weight, keep it off, and end up with possibly one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood? It all comes down to a good, consistent workout and diet regimen.

Kate Hudson’s Alkaline Diet Plan

Hudson follows a strict alkaline diet plan. An alkaline diet is one that tries to balance the acidity level in the body; high acidity in the body is believed (in some health camps) to trigger disease and illness. The diet has followers eat foods that can potentially make the body more alkaline. It is mostly a vegetarian diet, with meat, dairy, eggs, most grains, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods being strictly prohibited.

Kate Hudson

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Hudson follows it mostly to the letter, but she admits to having a serious caffeine addiction and will let her diet slide if she’s out at a restaurant. Other than that, a typical daily meal plan for Hudson has about 80% of her calories coming from tofu, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

The mother of two refused to go on a calorie-restricted diet and consumes anywhere from 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day, though it should be stated that an average woman needs roughly 2,000 calories to maintain her weight and 1,500 to lose a pound of fat a week. Hudson has said that she enjoys food and refuses to completely deprive herself of the things she loves. Her trick is to keep her carb and sugar intake to a minimum.

For breakfast, Hudson might have egg whites with an avocado, some salsa, and mixed berries. Lunch might be a chicken breast with hummus and some mashed sweet potato, and dinner is often salmon with steamed vegetables.

Kate Hudson’s Workout Plan

Losing baby weight takes a lot of hard work, and Hudson must have worked very hard considering how amazing she looks these days. Hudson has trainers who help her with her workout routines, and she says that they push her to new levels of fitness. She likes to do a variety of exercises from yoga to SoulCycle training spin classes.

When in London, Kate Hudson likes to train at the HeartCore fitness studio, and dancing is another activity she enjoys. Pilates is a core activity for Hudson, and she has been working with her instructor Nicole Stuart for many years, as has her mom Goldie Hawn. Working out four times a week is typical for this busy working mom.

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