Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara and Bella Thorne: Celebrities Who Love Pilates Workouts

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson filming a Pilates Commercial in Santa Barbara. Credit: Splash News.

Everyone wants the perfect summer body, and celebrities are no exception. Huge stars like Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara, and Bella Thorne all pride themselves on looking good for the big screen and staying fit for their busy lives. All three actresses do have a secret in common though—and that is their love for Pilates workouts and its amazing benefits!

The celebrity world is not new to showing off fad diets and exercises for us to see, but these ladies look incredible! And you can too! Read on to learn more about the benefits of a Pilates workout and some of the reasons these actresses adore their workouts and the results they get. Clearly they are doing something right, and we want to know more!

Kate Hudson Expresses Love for Pilates

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson filming a Pilates Commercial in Santa Barbara. Credit: Splash News.

Kate Hudson is an actress best known for roles in Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and Bride Wars. The mom of two carries herself well, paying attention to fitness and health while not obsessing over the small stuff. Hudson likes to stay active, and she even created her own line of active wear to share with fans that also have a passion for hitting the gym. So, being a fitness babe, what is Hudson’s favorite workout? The actress admits she loves reformer Pilates, and that it has changed her body.

Hudson even expressed her love for Pilates on Instagram.

Back with my girl @nicolestuartla ? #pilates #reformer #gunsandroses ?

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She is clearly experienced and sensationally fit! Hudson also keeps a balanced lifestyle which can be an inspiration to us all – combining working hard in the gym, eating healthy foods and also taking time to laugh and be silly.

Why Sofia Vergara and Bella Thorne Love Pilates

Another scorching hot star who loves the benefits of Pilates workouts? Modern Family actress, Sofia Vergara has recently been seen across social media playing with a new toy – if you call a Megaformer M3 a toy. I guess a fit mama like Vergara would – because she likes to stay in great shape, knowing it’s good for the body, mind and soul.

Eighteen-year-old Bella Thorne is also regularly spotted at a Pilates studio in Los Angeles, so it looks like she’s a huge believer in the workout regime, too. The 5-foot-8 beauty recently shared with fans that she mostly works out her core, abs, legs and butt—but not really her chest or shoulders as she tries to stay away from bulking in that area.

Thorne also loves her jumping squats. The actress will definitely be in immaculate shape for her upcoming film Boo! A Madea Halloween, giving us more of the silly side of her that fans love so much. She is one star who demonstrates it’s never too early to take care of your health or reap the benefits of Pilates anytime.

Benefits of Pilates Workouts

Did you know that the benefits of Pilates reach much further than just your body? The workout has tremendous benefits for your mind and overall posture, too. Pilates is actually a workout that focuses on the quality of movement and breathing, not just how many reps you can do.

Deep breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, coupled with concentration on controlled flowing movements is the recipe for a successful Pilates workout. It helps you to control and become more attuned with your body. It also helps reduce stress because of proper breathing.

Pilates can help you develop a strong core, gain and elongate lean muscles, as well as strengthen muscle elasticity and joint mobility. Because the body becomes strong and flexible through Pilates, it also helps prevent injury.
Pilates is also known to work out the whole body – targeting all muscles – even the ones in your ankles and feet. This creates balance throughout your whole body and conditions it in such a way that sports and other daily activities become easier all around.

Pilates is also all about technique – training several muscle groups at once, and this re-trains your body to move more safely, improving posture and optimal health. This is one of the reasons why it’s excellent for athletes – better sports performance and better injury recovery.

Another great thing about a Pilates workout is that it is both gentle and challenging.

Pilates is a low impact, partially weight bearing workout, and this is why it is used in rehab and therapeutic facilities. However, as your body begins to strengthen, exercises can be modified to increase the level of difficulty, anywhere from beginner to advanced.

There are clearly so many reasons why sizzling stars like Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara and Bella Thorne love Pilates workouts. It is a flexible exercise system for anyone, even beginners. It helps strengthen the body with low resistance, improves posture and reduces stress through learning how to properly breathe. It’s no wonder these lovely ladies enjoy the endless benefits of a truly versatile Pilates workout. It nurtures body and mind – and we think these ladies are smart for giving back to their whole selves – they deserve it!

You can enjoy a Pilates workout anytime too – it doesn’t have to be on a reformer machine or a big Megaformer M3. Start with deep breathing exercises and stretches and even check online for simple videos you can follow at home. This way, just like the stars, you can be sensationally fit and do something good for yourself!

And if you need any inspiration, just check out Kate Hudson, Sofia Vergara and Bella Thorne – they’re dedication to Pilates workouts make it easy to see that with the right attitude you can get results! Keep calm and Pilates on…


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