Kate Hudson’s Workout: Shares Pilates Workout with Nicole Stuart in a Fabletics Outfit

Photo Credit: Fabletics/splash
Kate Hudson

Photo Credit: Fabletics/splash

Wearing one of her signature Fabletics outfits, Kate Hudson posted an Instagram pic last week of herself doing a Pilates pose. She says the look of determination was due to her trainer holding bottle of wine in front of her.

Celebrity trainer Nicole Stuart trains Kate Hudson, who loves to exercise, and her mother, actress Goldie Hawn, in Pilates, an exercise that uses both body weight and special equipment to achieve a strong core and long, lean muscles. Dancers love Pilates for that reason, but in the past decade it’s seen an increase in popularity among celebrities and is hitting mainstream culture as well, with Pilates studios popping up in many communities across North America.

Nicole Stuart is known for her creative form of Pilates that combines yoga, dance moves, stretching, and cross-training. A dancer herself, Stuart trained with legendary Pilates teacher Mari Winsor. Stuart’s training has only been available to her celebrity clients, but she recently developed an exercise application that brings her workouts to those who can’t train with her personally. It also allows her current clients to keep up with their workouts between sessions.

Kate Hudson says of the Qe2 app (Celebrity Quick Easy Exercises) that she loves having it and takes it with her wherever she goes when she travels. Kate Hudson is a fitness fanatic, as is evident by her petite, toned body, so having an app available at all times makes squeezing in a few minutes here and there even easier.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson models the Fabletics July 2016 collection. 07/28/2016. Credit: Fabletics/splash.

Kate Hudson’s Routine

Kate Hudson knows about fitness. In a short one-minute video put together by her Fabletics company, Hudson shares three quick and easy fitness tips. No equipment is required, and according to her they can be done while multitasking and even talking to your kids. These three tips won’t get you Kate Hudson’s bikini body on their own, but they’re good for those in-between moments.

Kate Hudson’s Mini Workout Video

Tip #1 Counter Pliés
Hold on to a counter and then lift up off your feet onto your toes. Do 20 to 50 reps. One variation is to lift your leg behind you so you work the side part of your glutes.

Tip #2 Chair Abs
If you feel as though your tummy is a bit loose, do some chair abs. When sitting in a chair, bring your knees to your stomach like a crunch when lying down. Do as many as you can. Hudson does them while discussing homework with her kids!

Tip #3 Arm Circles
Extend your arms out to your sides and rotate them in small circles until they’re tired. Then position them diagonally outward from your chest and do it again. Lastly, bring your arms straight out in front of you and do the same. These positions will help you target different areas of your shoulders.

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