Kate Mara Fit for the Holidays: Actress Flaunts Toned Legs in Gym Gear

Kate Mara Fit for the Holidays: Actress Flaunts Toned Legs in Gym Gear
(Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Dior)

Kate Mara is looking fit for the holidays. The 33-year-old Fantastic Four actress was spotted in Los Angeles this past Tuesday, sporting workout gear that showcased her beautifully toned body. Mara has been taking on more action packed roles as of late, meaning that she’s had to work even harder to prepare. Read on to learn which workouts she favors, as well as the diet she sticks to in order to stay ready for action.

Kate Mara’s Fitness

Mara grew up in a very sports-centric family—her father’s side owns the New York Giants and her mother’s side the Pittsburgh Steelers. Being surrounded by football and two Superbowl winning franchises might have given anyone the sports bug, but not Mara. In spite of being born into football royalty (or maybe because of it), she shunned organized sports and turned to the arts, one of which was dance. The actress still continues to dance as a means of staying in shape, enjoying the benefits of the cardio heavy workout that allows her to shed fat and boost her metabolism. As well as dance, she also mixes running into her workouts, and both activities help her maintain her toned frame.

On top of cardio, Mara also enjoys hitting the gym and attending classes to practice the Bar Method. These classes combine dance and Pilates to help strengthen and tone muscles while keeping you trim. Considered to be a dancer’s workout, it is perfect for Mara, who can utilize her love of dance to keep her in shape. The Bar Method utilizes a ballet bar to perform various exercises designed to leave you feeling long and lean after every session and work your entire body. Below are two examples of some of the moves used, taken from the Bar Method Instagram page.

Kate Mara’s Diet

A self-proclaimed animal lover and avid animal rights activist, it should come as no surprise that Mara follows a vegan diet, meaning she abstains from foods containing any and all animal by-products. This not only cuts out meat, fish, and poultry, but dairy products like cheese (which she claims was the hardest to give up) and milk too. This diet goes a long way in helping Mara eat clean and healthy, as it cuts down on her intake of many fat-storing toxins. Not only can following a vegan diet help you stay in shape, it also improves your health and may even lead to healthier skin, hair, and nails. Mara especially enjoys green smoothies to keep her going during her busiest days, getting her vitamins and an energy boost from ingredients like kale, spinach, and lemon.

The combination of Kate Mara’s love of dance, cardio, and the Bar Method coupled with her healthy vegan diet has her looking fantastic, just in time for Christmas 2016.



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