Kate Middleton Turns 35: Here’s How the Mom of 2 Stays Young and Fit

Kate Middleton
Photo Credit: Splash News

The lovely Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, celebrates her birthday today, January 9. At the age of 35, the wife of Prince William looks more radiant and healthy than ever, and we believe that her happy, domestic life and healthy lifestyle are the secrets to her youthful look. Rumors are rife that this is the last birthday Middleton will celebrate in her rural home on the royal Sandringham Estate.

Being married into the Royal Family comes with its own conductibility. The pressure of royal duties that comes with being the Duchess of Cambridge could be intimidating. Yet, Middleton pulls off the task with grace and impeccable style. The media has always admired her sense of fashion. Her sophisticated dress-sense and poised disposition has gained the Duchess worldwide admiration. We are also quite the fan of Kate Middleton’s girl-next-door look. She looks absolutely ravishing in everything, and one can’t help but wonder the secrets to her youthful look and glowing skin.

Middleton not-so recently welcomed her second baby daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Despite of being a mother of two children, she still manages to keep her weight in check. The beautiful Duchess shed her pregnancy weight in record time, and twice. She successfully maintains her figure, and her healthy diet is the key to her young look. Keep reading to find out her diet and fitness secrets.

Kate Middleton’s Diet Plan

The Duchess of Cambridge eats healthy portions of raw food for a fit body. She maintains her size six figure by drinking almond milk and eating ceviche, goji berries, gazpacho, watermelon salad, and tabbouleh. She slims down with the help of a secret diet called the “Dukan Diet.” This is a high-protein, low-carb program which includes lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole wheat bread. You can also add prawns and cottage cheese in the diet.

Kate Middleton hates dieting. She tries to stay away from processed and junk foods. She is a big fan of lean meat and different kinds of fruit juices. Like most women, Middleton also has a sweet tooth. She gives in to her sweet cravings occasionally, but works out harder to make up for those impulses.

Kate Middleton’s Workout Regime

Kate Middleton does a combination workout of cardio exercises with weightlifting. Her favorite cardio exercises include swimming, running, and rowing. The “plank” is an another exercise that Middleton does to tighten her muscles. She also loves to do Crossfit which is a ruthless combination of resistance training, weights, running, and squats. Sometimes the five foot nine Duchess switches her exercises with Yoga postures. The Asanas helps her to relieve stress and look radiant all times.

With hard work and discipline, Kate Middleton has reached a military level of fitness, and all without the help of a personal trainer!



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