Kate Upton Preps to Marry Justin Verlander, New Diet Plan Includes Chicken Salad

Kate Upton Preps to Marry Justin Verlander, New Diet Plan Includes Chicken Salad
Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash
Kate Upton Preps to Marry Justin Verlander, New Diet Plan Includes Chicken Salad

Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash

Kate Upton is no stranger to a strict diet and exercise regimen. After all, the 23-year-old has worked hard for years to get her body in the best shape possible for photo shoots. Now, the supermodel and actress is preparing her body for her upcoming wedding to Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander. Upton has been working with trainer Ben Bruno for over eight months to establish a consistent and intense, strength-training fitness routine.

Kate Upton’s diet plan is also very disciplined and intense. She’s been focused on limiting sugar, and eating lots of vegetables, fruits, and protein. Her go-to meals are chicken salad and turkey meatballs. It sounds like Upton’s pre-wedding diet is similar to the paleo diet, which focuses on fewer carbohydrates and grains and more vegetables and lean sources of protein, such as poultry.

Kate Upton’s Healthy Diet Regime

Kate Upton has a history of working with trainers that develop a personalized exercise and diet program for the supermodel. Three months prior to her 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, her trainers put the cover girl through rigorous circuit training with intense exercises.

Prior to that 2012 swimsuit issue, trainer Justin Gelband had customized a specific exercise regimen and diet plan for Kate Upton. Gelband focused on the Blood Type diet, which was created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. For the diet, Upton focused on protein, oatmeal, and salads, and stay away from red meat. Her healthy diet includes minerals that keep her active and help her fight fatigue, and protein to help her build muscles.

In a 2015 interview, Kate Upton described what she ate on a good day. For breakfast she eats scrambled eggs with spinach and green tea; lunch is quinoa with grilled vegetables, and herb-crusted grilled chicken; and dinner is a kale salad with a grilled salmon and cashews; while snacks include a protein bar, raw almonds, and a green juice.

That said, Upton does not deprive herself all the time. Once in awhile she will eat something salty or fried like a donut — as she once admitted in an interview).

Kate Upton’s dedication to a healthy diet will surely have her in shape for her wedding. Upton and Justin Verlander confirmed their engagement in May, and no wedding date is currently set.

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