Kate Upton Shares Instagram Photo with Arnold Palmer, Talks Love of Golf & Fitness

kate upton
Photo credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Kate Upton shared her love for golf and fitness through her recent pics on Instagram. She uploaded a pic Wednesday where she was seen posing with the late professional golfer, Arnold Palmer.

Palmer is commonly regarded as one of the greatest players in in the history of the game.

A peek into the model and actress’s life shows that she’s been dating Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander since 2011. They got engaged earlier this year.

Kate Upton’s Workout

Upton’s personal trainer Ben Bruno regards her as a bad ass at the gym. “Kate trains very hard,” Bruno tells People. “Her workouts are not for the faint of heart! She really works at it, and she’s super motivated. She’s insanely strong, stronger than a lot of athletes I train!”

Bruno teaches a progressive overload technique in his workouts. It includes slowly increasing the weight so that the person builds gradually. He insists on striving to be better – either with overloading the weights or reps or moving to a harder exercise – to make the workout more effective. Bruno says that Upton can deadlift over 200 pounds, do sled pushes with 500 pounds, and do bear crawls with 300 pounds.

She concentrates on her performance and always wants to improve and set new records in the gym. Upton works hard for that lean physique; so much so that she works out five to six days a week for at least an hour each time. She has been under training with Bruno for several months, and her svelte figure conveys the results!

Her workout begins with a warm-up that includes foam rolling, stretching, lateral band walks, and lunges. Upton then does three to four circuit-based strength-training moves without resting between the series. She rests only at the end of the complete cycle and then repeats it.

The circuit includes weighted hip-thrusts, and Upton uses 200 pounds! Other moves are TRX rows, single-leg Romanian deadlifts and a body saw for core stability. The workout concludes with weighted sled pushes and pulls and rowing. And Upton never lets her busy traveling schedule get in the way of fitness sessions.

Bruno tells People, “We have travel workouts that she can do with minimal equipment at a hotel gym, and body-weight workouts. When she travels, she’ll bring her Valslides and mini bands with her, and I have workouts to go with it.”

Kate Upton’s Diet

Upton makes her workouts more effective by accompanying them with a good diet. She follows a disciplined diet that does not involve fasting, cleansing or crash dieting.

She consumes sugar, salts, processed carbs, and alcohol in moderation. Her diet mainly focuses on protein, and she takes a handsome amount of protein in every meal.

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