Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara, Mariah Carey, and Their Pre-Wedding Diet Plans

Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara, Mariah Carey, and Their Pre-Wedding Diet
Photo Credit: PictureLux / Splash News

Lately it seems as though Hollywood has wedding fever, with many celebrities walking down the aisle recently (or very soon), including model Kate Upton, actress Sofia Vergara, and singer Mariah Carey.

And when that happens, many people become interested in learning the pre-wedding diet secrets of these beautiful women to see how they got ready for the big day.

Kate Upton has made incredible changes to her body in recent months. She’s been training with Ben Bruno. He credits her lean form to her workouts, which she does five days a week for an hour or two at a time, as well as her decision to limit sugar intake.

Other than that, Upton’s diet is pretty balanced; she eats protein at almost every meal and it’s important to her to consume fruits and vegetables throughout the day. One of her favorite meals is turkey meatballs with salad and chicken. Processed foods have been tossed, along with junk food.

When Sofia Vergara married Joe Manganiello last November, she turned to balancing her diet and working out regularly to help with her pre-wedding weight loss goals. Sweets are a self-proclaimed love of Vergara’s, but she also knows that everything should be had in moderation, joking that if she eats a whole chocolate bar during the day, then she won’t order pizza that night. Vergara had an outstanding figure on her wedding day thanks to exercise and a balanced diet.

Songstress Mariah Carey, on the other hand, turned to what she calls a “bleak” diet for her pre-wedding diet. Though the exact details of that diet have been kept under wraps, sources say she eats sushi, Chilean sea bass, chicken salad with light mayonnaise, and brie with low-fat crackers. From a health standpoint, crash diets, or “bleak” as Carey calls it, are never a good long-term strategy for weight loss because the weight most often returns once you resume your normal eating patterns.

The best pre-wedding diet to follow is one that is balanced and incorporates regular physical activity, and these two elements will be different for everyone. So choose to be more like Kate Upton and Sofia Vergara in your weight loss approach and try to avoid the bleak methods practiced by the otherwise divine Mariah Carey.

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