Katy Perry-Orlando Bloom, Sofia Vergara-Joe Manganiello, Jojo Fletcher-Jordan Rodgers, Are Healthy Couples!

Katy Perry
Credit: Jason Kempin / Stringer/ Getty

Do healthy couples have a better chance at relationship longevity? There’s some sound logic to assume perhaps they could, because if both parties are working out and eating right, there’s a good chance they’ll feel good about who they are and how they look.

And when someone is happy with themselves they are more likely able to give more in the relationship. These three couples are all healthy and fit and seem to be going the distance. Curious? They are: Katy Perry / Orlando Bloom, Sofia Vergara / Joe Manganiello, and Jojo Fletcher / Jordan Rodgers.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Relationship Looks Healthy: Super Fit Couple Enjoys Thanksgiving Meal Together

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were rumored to have split up. Instead, it looks like the couple has a super healthy relationship. Bloom, 39, enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal with girlfriend Perry and her family. Apparently, 32-year-old Perry recorded a video of her family cooking Thanksgiving food with Bloom dressed in a plaid onesie, all while holding a baby. Everyone was dressed in coordinating onesies. Needless to say, it looks like Bloom is part of the family.

It was rumored that Bloom and Perry had ended their 10-month relationship. According to an InTouch Weekly source, after Halloween, Bloom told his friends that he had ended the relationship because he wasn’t ready to get married and have children. However, the rumor appears to be false after Instagram posts surfaced of Bloom, showing that he is clearly a part of the Perry family.

Perry often wakes up early and begins her day with a workout and meditation. She doesn’t hit the gym, and prefers being outdoors with hiking or riding her bike. Perry also loves yoga and cardio doing jumping rope, and short high-intensity workouts with lunges and hip thrusts.

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Husband Joe Manganiello are Fitness Conscious: Couple Stays Fit by Lifting Weights

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara and husband Joe Manganiello are a match made in heaven; the couple definitely have the ideal Hollywood bodies. Although the pair are undoubtedly blessed with good genetics, they do still have to hit the gym to stay fit. Vergara, 44, and Manganiello, 39, are both fitness conscious, and not a week goes by where they aren’t doing some type of exercise. Even when not preparing for movie or TV roles, they still prioritize their health. Although they are a couple, they both have their own workout routines and they make sure not to work out together.

Vergara recently spoke to the LA Times about her diet and fitness habits, and honestly, they aren’t even that hard to follow. One surprising-yet-logical tip that she shared is to avoid running. Running can be hard on the knees for everyone, but is especially hard for someone like Vergara, who has said that she has knee problems.

The star also does a Pilates-inspired workout on a machine called the Megaformer—this machine is used by a lot of stars and is a good way to get in cardio, weight, and balance training at the same time. It’s perfect for people who are short on time but want to work a lot of different areas of the body at once. The machine pays off, and has given Vergara a lifted butt, flat abs, and sculpted arms. 

JoJo Fletcher, Fiance Jordan Rodgers on Wedding Plans: “The Bachelorette” Couple Is Currently Focusing on Fitness

While many admirers are wondering about the wedding date, the couple are enjoying their moments together. Fletcher confirmed, “We haven’t set anything.” She added, “We’re having fun! We’re just enjoying it right now. Like, no pressure, no stress.”

The couple must be deeply in love as this post shows great affection between them. Fletcher posted, “I think this is the moment @jrodgers11 told me he loved the furry chair also ;)”

Fletcher looks incredibly fit and has a great bikini body. She seems to love wearing figure-fitting dresses which definitely requires her to work out. She also does not shy away from showing her well-toned bikini body. She’s excited about planning her wedding day and knows that she has to stay in shape for the most important day in her life.

Growing up, she has always been athletic, playing basketball and volleyball. Now, she hits the gym regularly and does cardio workouts. Her workout routine also includes light weight lifting.

She told US Weekly, “I do a lot of cardio, like the StairMaster and spin classes.” She added, “I’ll take my dog [Jackson, a German shorthaired pointer] to the park and run with him. That counts!” She loves outdoor activities and also plays golf as shown in this Instagram post. Her fiancé does a lot of abs workouts.