Kelly Ripa Looking for Co-Host: Live with Kelly Host’s Workout Secret to Stay Fit

Kelly Ripa
Photo credit: Mike Coppola / Staff/Getty

Does Kelly Ripa even need a co-host? Why does it have to be “Live with Kelly and…anybody”? She can hold it down no problem. She’s got more energy and zest than an 8-year old kid’s birthday party.

Kelly Ripa’s Crazy Fit

Look, you already know how fit Kelly Ripa is. She’s not secretive about her love of fitness, her dedication to living a healthy life, and making sure she gets plenty of workout time in. It’s likely a major contributor to her high-energy performances, along with her shredded physique.

Workouts with celeb-trainer Anna Kaiser, who also trains actress Sofia Vergara, are a big part of Ripa’s fitness program. Kaiser’s famous dance-based cardio-heavy program involves yoga, strength training, and plyometrics to get the heart and muscles going. Ripa does these workouts four times a week, and also makes sure to hit SoulCycle classes in New York twice a week—she gets a run in once a week too. You can tell that she goes really heavy on the cardio to stay lean and fit. Kaiser’s program helps build some muscle, but Ripa also uses Physique 57 to get strong and toned.

57 Minutes…Not 60!

One of my favorite movie scenes from There’s Something About Mary is when Ben Stiller picks up a hitchhiker (played by Harlan Williams), and he’s informed of the travelling man’s great business idea: 6-minute ab workouts. As far as the hitchhiker is concerned, it’s going to blow the idea of a 7-minute abs workout out of the water. So what does this have to do with Kelly Ripa’s fitness level? Enter Physique 57.

Physique 57 is a workout endorsed by Ripa that claims to properly train all muscles in the body in 57—not 60—minutes a day. Of course, there are 30-minute sessions available too, which I’m having a hard time working out mathematically. Why wouldn’t they be 28-and-a-half minutes?

Either way.

Physique 57 is a low-impact, ballet barre style workout that includes cardio, strength, and stretching. If you’ve ever done ballet barre work before, you know how physically demanding it can be—it’s tough stuff! Ripa praises the workout series, saying “it changed her life” and contributed to her toned, shapely body.

Keeping Kelly Ripa on the Go

A fitness fanatic like Kelly Ripa can only workout seven days a week if she’s giving herself the right fuel. She likes to eat mainly fruits and vegetables, and seems like she’s sort of a loose vegan who tries to keep her diet as alkaline as possible. Alkaline diets are basically diets that avoid all processed foods, refined sugars, meats, and wheat. You can keep your diet alkaline by limiting processed and refined foods, while eating plenty of fruit, veggies, proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains.

Ripa says she enjoys a glass of wine from time to time, and puts some cream in her coffee—but guess what, her diet and fitness routine is so on point it doesn’t matter if she indulges herself occasionally—and a little wine and coffee are good for you, anyways.


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