Kelly Ripa with Kids: LIVE with Kelly Host and Mother of Three Looks Young at 46 Thanks to Healthy Diet

Kelly Ripa with Kids: LIVE with Kelly Host and Mother of Three Looks Young at 46 Thanks to Healthy Diet
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LIVE with Kelly host Kelly Ripa still manages to look incredibly young. If you’re wondering what is Kelly Ripa’s age, the TV talk-show host recently turned 46 in early October but frankly doesn’t look a day over 30!

Ripa recently took to her Instagram to show off her family, and although her children look older, Ripa has managed to defy aging and still looks young. The TV personality credits a healthy diet for her slim figure along with cardio exercise and SoulCycle to keep her fit.

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Kelly Ripa Diet and Workout

Ever wondered what Ripa eats daily that helps her looking so young? Well, Ripa’s moderation diet includes foods like Greek yogurt, Goldfish crackers, cheese, fresh fruit, Girl Scout cookies, and meals cooked with unprocessed ingredients. You may be scratching your head as some of her food items, but Ripa is able to enjoy her favorite snacks because she consumes them in moderation and doesn’t over indulge. Ripa is also known to follow an alkaline diet which, is somewhat vegan, but has admitted that she likes creamer in her coffee, so she follows this diet as best as she can. Furthermore, Ripa’s exercise routine allows her to burn off those extra calories as well.

When it comes to her fit body, Ripa isn’t shy to lend credit to her trainer, Anna Kaiser. Kaiser has also worked with many other celebs, including Shakira and Sofia Vergara. Kaiser has her own fitness center and specializes in dance-based classes but also incorporates yoga, strength training, and plyometrics—a perfect combination to achieve Ripa’s ripped body.

It’s been reported that Ripa takes Kaiser’s dance-focused classes at least four times a week along with SoulCycly spin classes twice a week. To round off her week, she will take time to head out for a run. As you can see, it takes seven days of exercise in order to get a body like Ripa’s.

When it comes to Ripa’s favorite exercise, it would have to be Kaiser’s Tuck and Twist abs. To perform this move, lay on your back on your yoga mat with your arms stretched above your head and legs straight out. Engage your core and roll your chin to your chest and slowly roll yourself upwards in a near-seated position. At the same time bring one knee to your chest and slightly twist toward the direction of which knee you are bringing inwards. Switch sides and continue this motion for a few reps to target all areas of your core.

No doubt that Kelly Ripa looks amazing and young at 46 years old. The mother of three and TV personality has seemed to defy aging by regular exercise and enjoying the foods that she loves.


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