Kristin Cavallari’s Love for Cooking: Jay Cutler’s Wife Shares Zucchini Bread Recipe Pic

Kristin Cavallari
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Kristin Cavallari took to Instagram to share her zucchini bread recipe.

The girls are after my zucchini bread ? #TrueRoots #RecipeTesting #Spring2018

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The Hills star looked stunning in black and white while she shared a pic of her freshly baked bread. The businesswoman is always on the go and now she is into another business venture. She told E! News that she would soon be releasing a cookbook.

Jay Cutler’s wife has always loved cooking and can bake the most delicious pumpkin cupcakes, apple pies, almond butter cookies, and brownies. If you wish to bake them yourself you can grab a copy of her cookbook which will be released in spring 2018. While she knows her fans are desperately waiting for the cookbook, she shares her daily diet and some health tips until its release.

“I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been working on a cookbook! I’ve been dying to talk about this for so long. It’s such a blessing,” she said at the Kristin Cavallari x Chinese Laundry and Emerald Dove presentation. She continued saying, “I’ve actually been working on it for the last couple of years with hopes I’d have a cookbook deal, and it’s finally come true, and I’m so excited. It’s going to be a reflection of how I eat on a daily basis.”

She feels diet is about balance and if you indulge in your favorites then you must balance it out by eating healthy. She follows a 80/20 diet where 80% of the time she eats healthy and the other 20% she eats whatever she wants. Her diet is not gluten-free but she avoids refined wheat products.

Her diet consists of a large amounts of proteins, green veggies, beans, sides, and lots of butter. Her indulgences are also healthy. For example, if she craves pasta, she will have brown rice pasta. She has a big sweet tooth and she makes a variety of desserts with healthy ingredients like pure maple syrup and spelt, or oat flour.

In her current book, Balancing in Heels, which tracks her journey from reality TV starlet to successful businesswoman, she shared that she refrains from counting calories, and instead, takes a closer look at the ingredients. If the ingredients look harmful, she avoids them. The book also includes cooking hacks and healthy eating tips. During her teens however, she was calorie conscious and consumed 1,800 calories, five days a week. Then on the weekends, she ate a lot of unhealthy foods.

The actress can turn bland foods like green juices into heavenly tasting ice creams. Cavallari blends avocado, spinach, and banana with a bit of peppermint extract, so it tastes like mint ice cream!  Her baked goods are free of white or brown sugar, and she uses coconut sugar instead for added sweetness.

She eats organic foods and starts her day with a green smoothie or fried eggs with quinoa, spinach, and bacon. Other examples of her breakfast include scrambled eggs, chia-oat cups covered with berries, chocolate chips, shaved coconut and almonds; or even oatmeal with coconut oil, maple syrup, and ground flaxseeds.

Kristin Cavallari can make soups creamier and tastier without adding heavy cream. Her trick for a creamy soup is adding blended cashew paste to the soup, which makes it creamy, smooth and of course, delicious.



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