Will Lea Michele Star in Pitch Perfect 3? Glee Star Shares Food Plan with Shape Magazine

Lea Michele
Photo Credit: Randy Shropshire / Stringer/ Getty

Millions of fans are thrilled about the release of Pitch Perfect 3 in December 2017. Glee star Lea Michele is rumored to be starring in the latest sequel to the popular 2012 film. Fans of the brunette beauty are sure to be delighted with her possible new role. Pitch Perfect 3 is expected to beat the franchise’s previous earnings.

With a star cast that includes some big names from the entertainment industry, many are already tuned in to the updates.

The stunning actress is dedicated to fitness. Michele has achieved her incredible looks by focusing on healthy food. In a recent Facebook Live discussion with Shape magazine, Michele shared her food plan. Michele revealed how she maintains healthy eating habits at the Shape Body Shop event in New York City. Want to look fit and incredible like Michele? Read on to know more on the Glee star’s workout and fitness.

Lea Michele’s Diet

The 30-year-old star maintains a simple approach to eating. Her focus on healthy eating leads her to stock up wholesome foods. Even with her preference for a clean diet, she does not shy away from her beloved comfort foods.

Michele told Shape Magazine, “I absolutely love soup in the Fall.” She continued, “When I feel like indulging I definitely always have a bowl of soup with grilled cheese. You cannot go wrong with that combination.”

The actress does not believe in cutting out her favorite foods. Instead, she believes in turning them into something healthy. Michele likes to have quesadillas and prefers to cook them at home. She feels that an authentic quesadilla can be made with healthier ingredients. This would suit vegans as well. A quesadilla can be packed with meat and cheese, or alternately, you can try gluten-free options. Try veggies or a spinach tortilla.

The Glee star avoids pumpkin spice and prefers black coffee with no sugar and cream. She enjoys snacking on anything with cheese in it.

Lea Michele’s Workout Routine

The petite starlet is passionate about her workouts. She loves SoulCycle, and her Instagram account has plenty of inspirational feeds. When she is not indoor cycling, Michele loves to get outdoors and indulge in hiking or rock climbing. She also includes biking and swimming in her routine. It is yoga that helps the actress to de-stress. This also includes her practice of hot yoga.

Even with a busy schedule, Michele values fitness. When she doesn’t find time to go to the gym, she does quick high-intensity intervals. This helps with boosting her fitness. She also tries stretching, push-ups, and Pilates.

With the star’s fitness changing over years, it is encouraging to see her try out new things. So if she is not learning to surf, then you may find her climbing the top of a mountain. Fitness can be even more fun when friends join in. This is observed by Michele hanging out with her bestie Emma Roberts for workouts.

Michele’s reported new role in Pitch Perfect 3 and her fitness secrets revelation to Shape Magazine is sure to inspire many fitness gurus.

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