LeBron James Eats Lots of Carbs and Peanut Butter to Improve His Energy

LeBron James
Photo Credit: KAT / Splash News

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James uses the right diet to stay in peak physical shape, eating a lot of peanut butter, carbs, and high-energy foods.

James is one of the biggest NBA stars in the world; in fact, it’s fair to say that he’s one of the best basketball players of his generation, leading his former team, the Miami Heat, to two consecutive NBA championships, and just recently leading the Cavs to a championship of their own.

For James, staying in shape is crucial for results on the court. James uses an intense workout routine that provides him with the maximum energy for games, focusing on low-level rep weightlifting, body weight exercises, and cardio.

LeBron James also follows a diet tailored to give him increased energy and stamina, both on the court and during his intense training routines. For James, this means eating a lot of high-energy foods throughout the day, such as carbohydrates. James eats a lot of grains, including whole-wheat bagels and buns, rice, granola bars, and pasta.

James also eats a lot of peanut butter, often adding it to bagels; peanut butter is a good source of protein and energy. On a high-calorie diet, particularly for athletes, peanut butter can have many benefits for boosting energy and helping with muscle repair. While he does eat peanut butter daily, James also supplements with protein shakes.

James attributes much of his success to cutting pork out of his diet. While he still eats some red meat occasionally, he hasn’t had any pork in over seven years. He says he noticed the difference in his energy levels after eliminating pork, saying that it helps him recover faster and perform better. He also credits his consistent health and lack of serious injuries to his pork-free diet.

So if you want to build up muscle and get to a LeBron James weight and fitness level, start eating more carbs, peanut butter, and high-energy foods to fuel your workouts.

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