Legends of Tomorrow Star Caity Lotz Follows Dancing Workout, Martial Arts to Stay in Shape

Caity Lotz
Photo credit: Frazer Harrison / Staff /Getty

Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz follows a dancing workout to keep fit. Dancing is a fun, energetic, upbeat, and creative way to get your sweat on, so it’s no wonder that Lotz likes to turn to this in order to shed excess weight and keep her heart rate up. That’s not all she does, though. Here is a look into all the ways this actress stays in shape.

Caity Lotz Workout Routine

Lotz is an American actress who actually first trained as a professional dancer. If you can believe it, she initially went on tour as a back-up dancer with pop sensation Lady Gaga and even Avril Lavigne. She’s also appeared in music videos. She first starred in the popular film Bring It On: All or Nothing, where she played a cheerleader alongside actress Hayden Panettiere. In the action/adventure television series Legends of Tomorrow, Lotz plays Sara or White Canary. She’s also starred in the Sci-Fi mystery film, 400 Days, with hunky actor Brandon Routh.

Dance has helped her tremendously in keeping a solid body, but Lotz also eats clean, healthy food the majority of the time. As she ages (she is only 29), she realizes more and more just how important it is to eat right in order to stay fit.

Often, people are confused about what it means to eat clean. Clean eating means choosing whole, organic, and real foods from nature instead of boxed, packaged, and preservative-filled foods. It also means eliminating junk foods, trans-fat food and fast food from your diet. Some clean eating diets are stricter than others and involve eliminating things like dairy, eggs, red meat, and sugar. Although Lotz’s exact clean eating plan is unknown, it is not a stretch to assume that she fills up on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. She may also keep hydrated with plenty of water and avoid processed and junk foods. She is said to be a big believer in the saying, ‘you are what you eat’. She also understands that the key to her great energy levels is eating healthily. Her advice is that workout and clean eating is a recipe for success. You will feel great!

Aside from using dance as her main form of exercise, Lotz is also skilled in martial arts. She loves Muay Thai and yoga as forms of exercise over weight lifting or cardio because they require building skill. She also loves listening to Major Lazer while working out. You can check out Lotz’s Instagram and find tons of photos that show her working out. Judging by the photos, she also engages in boxing and other machine workouts in the gym. She seems to be really dedicated to her fitness and loves building body strength.

Would you try any of the Caity Lotz workouts like dancing, boxing, yoga or martial arts to stay in shape? How about following a clean eating diet? Perhaps beginning with one day of clean eating per week is a good start to building a healthier lifestyle. It may only get easier to incorporate healthy choices into your diet every day.

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