Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend Nina Agdal Shares Workout Routine and Food Diary

Photo Credit: Charlie Ans / Splash News
Nina Agdal

Photo Credit: Charlie Ans / Splash News

Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend Nina Agdal is a Danish supermodel who’s graced the pages of Sports Illustrated magazine on more than one occasion. Her body is toned and tight as she rocks a bikini like no other. So, what are Nina Agdal’s fitness tips?

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The Nina Agdal Workout

Nina Agdal, 24, loves to work out and she is super dedicated! She is regularly spotted at various gyms in New York City, including SoulCycle and Equinox, rocking bright-colored workout outfits – which she loves by the way! Her favorite brand of active wear is called Vimmia. She enjoys wearing their outfits because they tighten her figure and make her feel good about herself while she’s working out. That’s actually her biggest motivator – to see herself looking great in the mirror while exercising!

Agdal also enjoys yoga as a part of her workout routine with trainer Akin Akman. She even posted a picture of herself on Instagram just one week ago doing a wicked pose with Akman:

Work in progress ? @akiniko @BuickUSA #BuickEnvision

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That looks fun! She also has a slew of other workouts she loves including Tone House, SLT, Y7 and going to Soho Strength Lab to work with her personal trainer Andy Speer. While she exercises, the Danish beauty loves to listen to some of her favorite house music, especially remixes from The Chainsmokers. Her favorite health app is “My Fitness Pal” and her health advice to those traveling is to maintain exercising for an hour even when on vacation.

Nina Agdal’s Diet and Food Diary

Have you ever wanted to know what a Sports Illustrated model’s food diary looks like? Look no further – here is what you might find Nina Agdal eating in a day, according to her interview with Stylecaster:

For starters – Nina Agdal begins her day with a cup of black coffee. For breakfast she normally has a Quest protein bar, however on occasion she may have half a bagel as a treat if dining with friends. For lunch, she is often eating Sweetgreen – a restaurant that serves super healthy food (the calorie count is included for items on the menu) and sources fresh, organic produce from local farmers.

For dinner sometimes she may have a Greek yogurt with honey, typically if she is trying to watch her portions. It’s probably her favorite snack, too, as she mentions she eats up to four of the Greek yogurt and honey snacks per day. Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and touch of honey is an excellent source of a little needed carbohydrate to fuel Agdal’s brain as well as the model’s varied and intense workouts.

What is Agdal’s favorite cheat meal? A classic cheeseburger with a cold beer, obviously.

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So, Agdal’s diet appears to be pretty limited in many ways, but this is an example of just one day of her life. As her favorite restaurant is Sweetgreen, one can imagine she consumes a lot of healthy, organic, local fruits, vegetables and possibly lean protein as well.

If you want a body like Nina Agdal you might want to hit the gym right away – this woman does multiple workouts and clearly enjoys her fitness very much, incorporating tons of variety to keep things exciting and working all her muscle groups.

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