Lily Aldridge Talks Diet and Favorite Food for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: Enjoys Pizza after the Runway Walk

Lily Aldridge
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

After months of restrictive dieting for the most awaited lavish event, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the angels are finally enjoying a cheesy treat. Lily Aldridge revealed to Threads, “We always have a pizza party with all the girls after. Pizza in Paris!” She also shared the diet that made her runway ready, and also her favorite food. Read on to know her secrets.

Lily Aldridge’s Diet for VSFS

Being a model, Aldridge has to ensure she stays in top shape all year long, but the preparations for VSFS get more intense with time. She starts two months ahead so that she gets enough time to make heads turn with her svelte figure. She keeps away from alcohol, and just a week prior to the show, she cuts out salty foods from her diet. To fuel herself for the workouts, she takes Blueprint juices and eats lots of nuts. When at home, she makes blueberry smoothies and meals that are loaded with fresh vegetables and fish. She loves to eat lots of veggies, fish, chicken, and eggs.

She loves to snack on avocados and eats it on its own or with rice cakes, or she makes guacamole. She includes a lot of lean protein, low-glycemic fruit, and vegetables. Aldridge says she eats healthy not to look good in front of cameras but to feel healthy from within. She prefers to cook by herself using all farm-fresh organic ingredients rather than munching on junk and calorie deficient foods.

Even when she was flying for the VSFS, she tells Threads, “I always bring a big bottle of water and some fresh veggies on the plane with me for ultra hydration. I also bring Sakara plant-based meals — they come in a ready-to-eat cooler bag that I can take right onboard with me. It’s clean and nourishing food, so I don’t have to stress about what to eat at the airport.”

Lily Aldridge’s Workout for VSFS

Aldridge included Ballet Beautiful exercises by Mary Helen Bowers, in her routine for the VSFS. It uses dance-inspired moves which targets the whole body. She feels it has changed her body in a beautiful way. She said, “I can do it in my hotel room and it doesn’t take any added weights or equipment.” She hates running but goes for long runs along the Hudson River. She does yoga, Pilates, and boxing to keep in shape. She takes boxing sessions at Gotham Gym, and body sculpting classes with resistance bands at New York’s modelFIT gym.

For the VSFS, Aldridge increases her workout sessions from three to six times per week and rests for a day. She feels relaxing your muscles after a week long workout is very essential. With a rigorous workout and strict diet, the Angel is ready to hit the runway!



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