Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Ice Cream in Bali, Mean Girls Star Focuses on Healthy Lifestyle, Instagram’s Healthy Food 

Lindsay Lohan
Credit: Monika Fellner / Stringer / Getty

Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan, often takes to Instagram to share pieces of what makes up her healthy lifestyle—from how to stay centered to what to eat, Lohan shows a different picture of her life than how the media often portrays her.

These days, the actress seems to be taking a step back from the spotlight to take time for herself, and she’s focusing on healthy eating and calming activities.

Over the years, Lohan has been known for her partying-antics, and for trying some pretty crazy diets to stay thin. Lately, she seems to be calmer and is really taking her health into consideration. Hollywood is a tough place to live and to work, especially because of the high standards of beauty that apply to both women and men—unfortunately, women get it worse though.

Some weight-loss tactics that Lohan has tried are cryotherapy and teatoxing. Cryotherapy has users jumping into ice baths, and the teatox diet lasts 14 days. Teatox diets are a mix of a cleanse, herbal supplements, and a low-calorie diet. It seems quite a few celebrities are on the teatox diet bandwagon—The Kardashian-Jenner clan seem to love it, especially Kylie and Kendall.

Teatox diets help users lose weight with the use of all-natural ingredients, mostly herbs. The tea is supposed to boost your metabolism and burn fat. Some of the promises of teatoxing include: increased energy, boost in metabolism, appetite suppressant, burns fat, rids the body of toxins.

Users have to be careful when following these detox liquid diets, and should only use quality products from reputable brands. Reading labels and doing research ahead of time is always a wise decision, because who know what these “herbs” are. Foods Lohan tends to like to have in her diet include eggs, chicken, salmon, ham, tomatoes, salads, fruits, and vegetables—and she will occasionally treat herself to some ice cream.

Lindsay Lohan’s Workout

Lohan enjoys spinning classes and likes to go in the morning. She tries to work out every day. A sample exercise routine could look like this:

Warm-up – by jogging or walking for 10-15 minutes
Hamstring stretch – sitting on the floor with legs straight and palms on the ground for support, have a straight back. Lean forward and stay in this position for 30 seconds. Do this five or six times.
Ball leg curls – Place a small ball under your right leg. Lie on your back. Press your palms on the floor. Raise your left leg. Keep it in that position. Roll the ball back and forth towards your behind and then to the starting position. Repeat on the other leg.
Cooling Down – After these exercises, cool down with a light jog and stretches.

Working out and eating right are the best way to keep a slim figure, and can be done without detox diets or tea detoxification systems. Overall, it is best to stick to whole foods in smaller portions.

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