Mardi Gras Cake: How to Line a Cake Pan with Parchment Paper

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You may have already shopped for the ingredients and got the recipe ready to bake the perfect Mardi Gras cake. At the last moment, you realize that you forgot the precut parchment paper! You can, of course, grease your cake pan with cooking spray. However, the trick of greasing your cake pan with cooking spray may not always help prevent the cake from sticking.

You can loosen the cake from the sides by running a knife along the edge of the pan, but there is no way to get to the bottom of the pan once the cake is baked. And after putting in all that hard effort of making a Mardi Gras cake, you wouldn’t want it to end up in crumbled pieces, that’s for sure.

To prevent the Mardi Gras cake from cracking and crumbling, you can line your cake pan with parchment paper. There are two options for this. You can opt for parchment paper that is precut according to various cake pan shapes, or it can be done in minutes at home.

Here are few simple steps on how to properly line a round cake pan to bake to perfect Mardi Gras cake.

How to Line a Round Cake Pan for Mardi Gras Cake

Materials required:

  • Round cake pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Scissors


  1. Tear a sheet of parchment paper that is slightly bigger than the cake pan.
  2. Fold the parchment in half from bottom to top.
  3. Fold the paper in half again from left to right to make a small square.
  4. Fold the square into a triangle by folding up from left to right.
  5. Fold the triangle again from left to right to make a smaller triangle.
  6. Flip your round pan upside down and place your triangle against the pan with the center point of the triangle at the center of your pan.
  7. Trim the parchment paper off at about ¼-inch in from the edge of the pan.
  8. Unfold the parchment paper and you get a perfectly round paper for the cake pan.

You can also spray a little non-stick spray at the bottom of your pan for the parchment to stick and cover the sides of your pans with it, too.

This is the easiest way to line a cake pan with parchment paper. It will take some time to get used to the process, but it’s not very tough to follow or remember. Enjoy your Mardi Gras 2017 celebrations!

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