Did Margot Robbie Follow any Special Diet to Fit into Her Mom’s Wedding Dress?

Margot Robbie
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Wearing a 30-year-old dress on a special occasion like your wedding day doesn’t seem exciting and also may not sound pleasing to many. But this is exactly what Margot Robbie wore when she tied the knot to her fiance, Tom Ackerley.

She flaunted her slender figure in her mom’s wedding dress and looked ravishing. She showed off her old, cream, lace, off-the-shoulder dress with a big lace ruffle across the bust. She kept the accessories to a minimum and wore a gold pendant necklace.

The star’s wedding was a secret, 50-person ceremony that took place in Coorabell, a small town found in Australia’s Byron Bay.

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Her fans may be wondering if the actor followed any special diet to fit into her mom’s wedding dress. Read on to learn her diet secrets.

Margot Robbie’s Extreme Diet

Margot Robbie doesn’t believe in calorie counting but practices moderation in her eating habits. She adheres to restrictive dieting and sometimes even adopts an extreme diet of carrot sticks.

Although Margot Robbie is known for indulging in beer, burgers, cakes, and fries, she stays away from her indulgences while she is filming.

She also consumes a lot of water throughout the day to keep hydrated. Her healthy habits have kept her glowing.

To fuel her body for the workouts, she consumes a healthy and nutrient-rich diet that consists of fruits and veggies. They form the major sources of vitamins and minerals for her. She includes wholesome foods like rice, oats, and cereals in her diet and avoids indulging in unhealthy snacks.

Margot Robbie’s Workouts

Robbie’s hourglass figure is not a result of dieting alone but workouts as well. Her workouts include a lot of fat-burning exercises like running, cycling, and jogging.

Cycling tones up her lower half without putting any strain on her joints. Her trainer, Andie Hecker, had Robbie perform a Pilates-based routine that incorporated more reps and gave the actress a greater range of motion than a typical Pilates class.

She enjoys ice hockey, which works on toning her whole body. To continue to flaunt her flat abs, Robbie has incorporated crunches into her routine. It makes her body shed the accumulated fats.

Hecker says it was very important for Robbie’s routine to be well rounded so as not to overwork any one muscle group. On top of that routine, Robbie ends her workouts by swimming laps.

Yoga and stretching have also contributed to her toned physique. It relaxes her body, relieves stress, and gives her radiant skin too. Her routine also include ballet-inspired exercises, which include heavy-weighted low reps of arabesque pulls with resistance pulleys.

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