MasterChef Australia 2017: Callan Smith Impresses Judges with Apple Pie

Callan Smith

This week is Sweet Week on MasterChef Australia 2017. The contestants had some sweet surprises for the Chocolate Mystery Box Challenge, including Janice Wong’s incredible handmade flowers. The contestants had to break the Chocolate Mystery Box to find the hidden ingredients.

MasterChef Australia 2017’s Chocolate Mystery Box Challenge included ingredients like mint, instant coffee, coffee beans, green tea, desiccated and fresh coconut, nectarines, raspberries, and dark rum.

For the Invention Test, the contestants had to prepare a dish inspired by flowers. Callan Smith felt disheartened that he failed to impress the judges like he did during the auditions, but he was determined to win the Invention Test.

Smith impressed the judges with his rose-infused apple pie dessert. He was delighted to secure a place in top three.

MasterChef Australia 2017 Episode 16 Recap

Kirsten Tibballs was the first guest judge for the Mystery Box Challenge and Sweet Week. For the challenge, the contestants had to prepare a dish out of the ingredients provided. Pete Morgan ended up winning the Mystery Box Challenge.

The next round was the Invention Test, and Singaporean pastry chef, Janice Wong was the judge. For Invention Test, the contestants had to create a dessert inspired by flowers in 90 minutes. Smith wanted to prove himself and win over the judges.

The first dish that came to Smith’s mind was his grandma’s apple pie. Apples and roses were the basic ingredients of his dish. The dish had to be sweet, delicious, creamy, and crunchy, just like the way his grandma made it.

Smith loves to combine theater and food, and so he decided to use the cinnamon and rose water to make a baking scent. Smith dished a creamy apple ice cream, rosewater granita, and apple syrup.

The judges then sprayed the pleasant baking scent over the dish before relishing in its flavors and texture. Calombaris said the dish was one of the best dishes he had tasted in the last couple of weeks. Smith had managed to win over the judges again, and he backed it with flavor.

Wong described the dish as naturally beautiful and said that it was the essence of cooking. Smith was among the top three contestants in the Invention Test. The others to join him in the top three were Diana Chang and Sam Goodwin.

Bryan Zhu, Trent Devincenzo, and Samuel Whitehead were the bottom three contestants who will have to face the Pressure Test tonight. To know who gets eliminated, tune into Channel Ten.



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