The Best 3 MasterChef Australia Invention Tests from Season 9

MasterChef Australia Invention Test
Credit: Instagram/masterchefau

MasterChef Australia 2017 featured four invention tests until now. Guest judge David Thompson enlightened the latest MasterChef Australia Invention test with his presence. Thompson is a Thai cuisine expert, an Australian chef, and a restaurateur.

MasterChef Australia season 9 episode 21 saw the Australian chef setting up the Mystery Box Challenge. The contestants were super-excited to see Thompson and his Mystery Box ingredients.

Top 3 “MasterChef Australia” Invention Tests of Season 9

MasterChef Australia Invention Test: Season 9 Episode 21

David Thompson’s Mystery Box Challenge included Thai ingredients. It comprised pork belly, barramundi, coriander seeds, shallots, lemongrass, betel leaves, etc.

Samuel Whitehead, Tamara Graffen, and Diana Chan made the best dishes. The trio’s dishes, along with Michelle Lukman‘s and Karlie Verkerk’s, were chosen as the top five.

Verkerk won the mystery box challenge. For the Invention Test, she had to chose between Thompson’s two dishes. She chose pineapple and crab curry over his tom yum soup. The pineapple and crab curry included 23 ingredients. It wasn’t mandatory for the contestants to use all the ingredients.

Graffen, Whitehead, and Ben Ungermann had the top dishes and were declared as the winners for the test. On the other hand Sam Goodwin, Jess Butler, and Trent Devincenzo lost the invention test finishing up in the bottom three.

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MasterChef Australia Invention Test: Season 9 Episode 16

Kirsten Tibballs’ Mystery Box Challenge included dessert ingredients. The MasterChef Australia Mystery Box Challenge comprised coconut, mint, instant coffee, raspberries, coffee beans, green tea, desiccated coconut, nectarines, and dark rum. Pete Morgan was the winner of the Mystery Box Challenge.

He was rewarded with an extra 30 minutes for the Invention Test, wherein Janice Wong mentored him. The contestants had to make a dish inspired by flowers. Callan Smith, Chan, and Goodwin were the winners of the invention emerging as top three, whereas Whitehead, Devincenzo, and Bryan Zhu finished up as losers and had to face the pressure test.

MasterChef Australia Invention Test: Season 9 Episode 11

MasterChef Australia season 9 episode 11 featured prominent chef Ben Shewry. Ben Shewry’s Mystery Box Challenge contained Australian ingredients. It included water seeds, fresh cheese, scallops, wax flowers, juice of lemon aspen, sea lettuce, quandong, and kangaroo.

Ray Silva dished an ice cream sandwich and won the Mystery Box challenge. He had to chose among three different techniques—curing, pickling, and smoking; and he chose smoking.

The contestants had to use a smoking element in their dish. They also had to include one element from the garden. Goodwin, Sarah Tiong, and Eloise Praino were the winners of the invention test with their delectable and innovative dishes. They progressed into the immunity challenge.

MasterChef Australia season 9 episode 6 featured the Mystery Box Challenge with ingredients like prawns, chillies, pineapple, and parmesan. Praino won the advantage to choose a core ingredient in the invention test. She chose halloumi over fennel and mussels. Lee Behan, Silva, and Morgan lost the invention test ending up in bottom three and had to face the Pressure Test, whereas Eliza Wilson, Tiong, and Verkerk were declared as the top 3 progressing into Immunity Challenge.


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