MasterChef Australia Season 2 Winner: What Is Adam Liaw Doing Now?

Adam Liaw, MasterChef Australia Season 2 Winner
Credit: Instagram/adamliaw

MasterChef Australia 2010 finale episode saw Adam Liaw as the winner of the show. Seven years after being declared as the MasterChef Australia Season 2 winner, Adam Liaw’s name is still fresh in our minds.

Adam Liaw is now the popular television show host of his series, Destination Flavour. The MasterChef Australia season 2 winner has written five books, The Zen Kitchen being the latest. The home cook, author, television host, and MasterChef winner is now also the brand ambassador of ASKO Appliances (Australia).

What Is Adam Liaw Doing Now?

Adam Liaw has been busy with multiple things since being announced as the MasterChef winner. Just last month, he did a presentation at Angus Australia’s national conference in Ballarat. Liaw threw light on questions that a typical home cook would have about cooking the perfect steak because whenever he visits any food festivals that include demonstrations, people are always curious to know how to cook a perfect steak.

Liaw said that there isn’t any perfect method to cooking a steak, but it all depends on an individual’s preference and the way the chef works with it. To get a mouth-watering steak with perfect texture, he advises resting the steak for half the amount of time required for cooking after it comes off the plate.

He says people, including himself, always look for simple recipes when cooking for their families. He, himself prefers cooking evening meals in 18 minutes or less.

ASKO Appliances’ Managing Director, Črt Prasnikar, said Liaw’s passion for cooking and his extensive knowledge would make the ASKO brand stand out in the competitive market. According to ASKO, there isn’t a better celebrity chef who has the one of the largest number of social media followings than any other chef in Australia. Liaw will work with ASKO to create a cookbook and “How To” demonstration videos. They will be distributed via his social media networks.

MasterChef Australia Season 2 Winner: Adam Liaw Wiki 

  1. Adam Liaw has an elder brother, Aron, and a younger sister, Amber Dawn.
  2. He lived with his paternal grandmother, Kwei-Eng Chew, after his parents divorced.
  3. He credits his grandmother for influencing his cooking and life.
  4. Liaw graduated with a double degree in Science and Law at the age of 21, from the University of Adelaide.
  5. He is UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Nutrition.
  6. His travel and food TV show, Destination Flavour, aired on SBS in 2012.
  7. Destination Flavour: Japan aired on SBS ONE in September 2013 with Liaw as the sole host.
  8. The next series, Destination Flavour: Down Under, aired in September 2014, followed by Destination Flavour: Scandinavia in 2016, and Destination Flavour: Singapore in January 2017.
  9. His next show, Hidden Japan with Adam Liaw, premiered in March 2017 on SBS Food Network.
  10. Liaw wrote a cookbook, Two Asian Kitchens, which was published by Random House Australia in April 2011.
  11. His other cookbooks include Asian After Work (2013), Adam’s Big Pot (2014), Asian Cookery School (2015), and the latest one, The Zen Kitchen (2016).
  12. Liaw used to write for The Wall Street Journal‘s Scene Asia.
  13. He writes for Fairfax Media’s Good Food, The Guardian, and Sunday Life magazine.
  14. Before being one of the MasterChef season 2 contestants, Liaw was a lawyer who was passionate about food and cooking, and MasterChef gave him a platform to showcase his passion.

MasterChef Australia Season 2 Finale Episode

Callum Hann and Adam Liaw competed in the MasterChef finale. The first round of the finale in episode 84 included the Basic Skills Test where the duo had to name the ingredients correctly and complete a cooking challenge. Liaw was able to identify the ingredients more correctly than Hann.

The contestants then had to julienne and brunoise carrots. The judges praised Liaw for his julienne carrots, but not the brunoise ones. Hann made the perfect julienne and brunoise carrots.

The duo then had to prepare an omelet. At the end of round 1, Liaw scored 17 points, and Hann scored 13.

For the Invention Test, they had to create an assiette of a protein which would demonstrate three different techniques of cooking proteins. Liaw chose pork belly, and Hann chose chicken. Both scored nine out of 10, with Liaw still leading Hann.

In the last round, the duo had to recreate Peter Gilmore’s dish, Snow Egg. Callum Hann had to recreate his meringue, but his frozen granita made it difficult for him to scrape and present it. Adam Liaw, on the other hand, cracked the maltose disc while trying to mold it using a kitchen torch. Still, he scored better than Hann, who lost the competition. As a result, Liaw emerged as the MasterChef winner.



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