MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner: Brent Owens 2017 Update

Brent Owens, MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner
Credit: Instagram/brent.owens

Brent Owens emerged as the MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner by defeating Laura Cassai in the finale. It’s been three years since his victory, and his fans are eager to know what Brent Owens is doing now.

Read to on to find out more about the MasterChef Australia 2014 winner, including his current assignments.

MasterChef Australia Season 6 Finale Recap

The grand finale consisted of three rounds. In each round, Owens and Cassai had to cook one dish and serve it to the judges. In the first round, they were told to create their own Mystery Box with their choice of ingredients. The time limit was 60 minutes.

Cassai dished grilled scampi with anchovy butter, roe and pear barley, and pickled cabbage. Her dish was good but lacked perfection.

Owens presented pearl barley with poached scampi, pickled cabbage, and fresh chervil. Owens won round one with 27 points.

In round two, the contenders had 90 minutes to present their dish to their friends and family. Cassai dished mouth-watering butter-poached lobster and scallops with mushrooms and chestnuts.

Owens gave a modern touch to Lancashire hotpot, but he missed the potato elements. Cassai won the second round by three points.

In the third round, Cassai and Owens had to cook Peter Gilmore’s Chocolate Ethereal. The dish had three hours to prepare the dish with 20 minutes extra for assembly time. Cassai read the wrong recipe for the nougat element and struggled with the tempered chocolate.

Owens tried hard to replicate Gilmore’s dish. He managed to present the dish with perfect texture and lip-smacking flavors just like Gilmore. Cassai’s dish lacked the tempered elements, and she didn’t chop the nougats. As a result, she fell behind Owens by three points.

MasterChef Australia Season 6 Winner: Brent Owens Wiki

  1. In the Ballarat Football League, Owens played Australian rules football for the Melton South Football Club.
  2. His girlfriend Madison Ancrum convinced him to apply for MasterChef.
  3. Owens had made a deal with his competitor, Emelia Jackson, that whoever wins the MasterChef title would give the other a $50,000 share of their winnings. Upon winning the MasterChef title, he stuck to his words and gave the mentioned amount to Jackson.
  4. He gave up the bobcat driver’s job working for his girlfriend’s father’s excavation business.
  5. Owens bought his own house at the age of 19.
  6. His cookbook Dig In has gained popularity among his fans.
  7. He teaches cooking to kids.
  8. Owens wishes to make the diets of tradies healthier.

What Is Brent Owens Doing Now?

Owens started his own TV show called Brent Owens Unwrapped on Discovery Channel where he explores South Africa. In the show, he can be seen unveiling the country’s beautiful and diverse cultures and terrain.

Brent Owens is busy exploring delicious seafood and local farm produce. He can also be seen enjoying South African braai, which is meat grilled directly over a fire.



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