MasterChef Australia Season 8 Champion: Elena Duggan Wins in Upset Over Favorite Matt Sinclair

Elena Duggan
Photo credit: Twitter @MasterChef

Elena Duggan Wins in Stunning Upset Over Matt Sinclair

In one of the most dramatic upsets in MasterChef Australia history, Elena Duggan championed over hot favorite Matt Sinclair in the show’s grand finale.

Duggan wins the $250,000 cash prize and a monthly column in Australia’s leading premium food magazine, Delicious.

Emotional Scenes

Sinclair stood stunned in defeat, while Duggan was, of course, jubilant. In the end her win was quite decisive; she even spent 30 seconds helping her competitor finish his recipe.

It was at once a sporting gesture and also a clear indicator of the margin of victory. The amazing camaraderie the two contestants showed throughout the finals is unbelievable.

An emotional Matt Sinclair was distraught, but love and support from his partner helped him deal with the upset.

After his official defeat, Sinclair went up to Duggan and both hugged; the intense emotions of the competition and its final result obvious in both contestants.

Watching the entire event from the sidelines was Harry Foster, one of the chefs eliminated in the semi-final of MasterChef Australia 2016. You could see how tense he was as the tournament entered the final phase.

All in all, this amazing MasterChef Australia episode ended with one of the underdogs winning in an upset over the long-term favorite to pull off a stunner.

Congratulations to Elena Duggan, MasterChef Australia Season 8 Champion.