6 MasterChef Australia Season 8 Dishes to Cherish before Season 9 Airs

MasterChef Australia Season 8 Dishes
Photo Credit: Instagram @masterchefau

After eight victorious seasons, MasterChef Australia Season 9 is back. This season, the MasterChef Australia challenges will be beyond our imagination. For that, you need to tune into Channel Ten starting May 1. But, until then, let’s take a look at the marvelous and incredible MasterChef Australia season 8 dishes.

6 Best MasterChef Australia Season 8 Dishes

1. Mystique

Pastry chef Christy Tania’s dessert looked like a work of art on the table. Mystique was a cake with chocolate embellishments and a ball on top. The cake included three layers made of passion fruit curd and milk chocolate banana brownie, covered in 72% chocolate.

To make her dish more artistic, before serving the dessert, Tania made use of dry ice and dropped hot water onto them to create vapor. She then covered it with a glass dome for an impressive effect.

2. Chocolate Peanut Bar

For the elimination round, Shannon presented his glorious Chocolate Peanut Bar. The dish included roasted peanuts, candied peanuts, peanut caramel, chocolate parfait, peanut ice cream, brown sugar crumble, honey nougat, tempered chocolate, and peanut crumble.

The recipe consisted of 33 steps, excluding the eight plating-up steps. The tempered chocolate with honey caramel sauce revealed the dessert underneath which left the contestants speechless.

3. Moss

Reynold Poernomo presented his signature dish, Moss, which the contestants had to prepare to survive elimination. It had 10 elements and was a seven-page, 40-step recipe.

The dessert combines pistachio sponge cake, dried fennel fronds, yogurt foam, apple sorbet, dulce cream, and an apple blossom pearl. The pistachio mousse was coated with matcha and had a caramel gel inside.

4. Quail Afternoon Tea

For the Pressure Test round, Michelin Star chef Jason Atherton presented his Quail Afternoon Tea. It required 44 ingredients and a 50-step process.

To make the recipe, the contestants used parfait, duck tea, duck raft, duck tea glaze, mushroom purée, Madeira cream, pearl barley porridge, pearl barley mirepoix, quail egg, brioche disc, lapsang souchong tea bag, wild mushroom, and quail.

5. Anna’s Mess

Pastry chef Anna Polyviou’s signature dessert dish, Anna’s Mess, looked incredible. It is a 74-step recipe that required creating chocolate domes with a sweet filling.

This unique dish is dropped from a decent height onto a plate and served shattered. Dropping it splatters the hidden strawberry coulis.

6. Verjus in Egg

Heston Blumenthal’s recipe, Verjus in Egg, looked like a simple egg sitting on a nest. But it was almost a 100-step recipe and an exciting end to the MasterChef Australia finale.

Delicate coconut pannacotta, a verjus egg yolk that is a fluid gel made of thyme and mandarin, and finally a coffee parfait enclosed in a multi-layered chocolate egg shell.

These are some of the highlights of season 8. Be sure to watch upcoming season starting May 1, which is guaranteed to be full of mind-blowing MasterChef Australia dishes.