MasterChef Australia Season 8: Preparations by Matt Sinclair and Elena Duggan for Grand Finale

Matt Sinclair
Photo credit: MasterChef Australia

Season 8 of MasterChef Australia is wrapping up and this week on Matt Sinclair’s and Elena Duggan’s Instagram accounts we got a sneak peek at some amazing dishes and recipes.

Sinclair revealed his blackberry sorbet, tempered chocolate, salted almond tuile, port jelly, and nougat dessert while Duggan showcased her crab, apple, and cauliflower dish.

MasterChef Australia’s Twitter page posted the mouthwatering creations of season 8’s top three contestants. It really makes you wish you were a judge to actually be able to sample these fine creations (cue the mouth-watering).

As we are now one step closer to the grand finale, we will finally get to know who takes home the grand prize and who will be crowned the winner: Sinclair or Duggan.

MasterChef Australia’s Top Recipes

If you desire to try one of MasterChef Australia’s recipes—don’t fret. Their website posts all of the top dishes for you to create at home. From Sinclair’s confit duck leg to Duggan’s modern Australian tuna nicoise, the website allows you to become a master chef in your own right while creating these stunning meals.

All you have to do is find the dish you desire to make and it conveniently lays out what you need to prepare and cook the dish. Furthermore, they still have all of your favorite recipes from prior seasons so you can re-create your previous favorites whenever you like.

Recreating some of these recipes should be able to hold you over until the MasterChef Australia season 8 winner is announced. In the meantime, you can continue to admire the dishes created thus far by Matt Sinclair and Elena Duggan by checking out their Instagram pages or by visiting MasterChef Australia’s Twitter account.

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