“MasterChef Australia” Season 9 First Look: Ex-Contestants Talk How the Show Changes Lives

Masterchef Australia

MasterChef Australia fans have a new reason to rejoice. They can have a sneak a peek into the show’s ninth season through a teaser video posted on the show’s Twitter page. MasterChef Australia season 9’s first look revolves around life after being a part of MasterChef.

It features the success stories of former contestants, and brings in more excitement by telling the fans that season 9 will be the most extraordinary season ever. Just like the fans of the show, the MasterChef Australia judges are just as excited about Masterchef Australia 2017.

George Calombaris says that this year the contestants’ standard of cooking is mind blowing, and will improve throughout the season. Gary Mehigan tells, “For so many contestants, MasterChef is not the end of their journey. It’s the start of their dream. This is what it’s all about.” The video tells fans that part of the excitement about MasterChef is the adventure of great home cooks coming in, and really morphing into something special. This transition so far has been mind-blowing for most contestants. Several of them started their own restaurants, cooking classes, and authored cookbooks.

Life after MasterChef Australia

Here are some MasterChef Australia alumni who have opened their own cooking schools, dessert bars, and restaurants, where they can experiment with their culinary skills.

Adam Liaw has been a host of the SBS television food and travel series Destination Flavour: Japan and Destination Flavour: Scandinavia. In January 2017, Liaw was back with another travel series Destination Flavour: Singapore. He has also written five cookbooks—Two Asian Kitchens, Adam’s Big Pot, Asian After Work, Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School, and The Zen KitchenThe Zen Kitchen is a collection of simple, healthy and easy-to-prepare Japanese recipes that include step-by-step recipes, and also gives an insight into the Japanese way of enjoying food.

Julie Goodwin has her own cooking school called Julie’s Place, which is also used for food demonstrations and industry events. Goodwin said, “I wanted to share my love of food and cooking but I couldn’t quite reconcile that idea with a restaurant — I couldn’t see it very clearly. But when this idea came to light it just seemed perfect.”

Andy Allen is working full-time at Three Blue Ducks and doing a lot of other things like writing, personal catering, and traveling to places like Mexico, Spain, and Portugal. The winner of the fourth season of MasterChef Australia has also started a YouTube channel.

2010 MasterChef runner-up Callum Hann and dietitian Themis Chryssidis have started Sprout cooking school and health studio. They are ambassadors for Australian Healthy Weight Week, and have also helped in the recruitment for Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.

Matt Sinclair has his Ten Piece Cutlery food truck. He serves up Asian-inspired street food that is much different than other street food. The food at this place is healthy, fresh, and flavorful.

Reynold Poernomo has always been passionate about food. Although he didn’t win the MasterChef title, he was awarded the “Dessert King” title instead. Poernomo and his brother have opened a dessert bar.

MasterChef is a platform for every contestant to bring out their hidden talent. The astonishing challenges, consistent monitoring, and the expert advice help the contestants transform themselves and excel in their culinary skills—even if they are not crowned MasterChef. Entering into the MasterChef kitchen doesn’t only make a contestant a renowned celebrity chef, but it also gives them ample opportunities to start a career in this field through TV shows, opening restaurants and cooking schools, and more.

Matt Preston says 75% of people who go into the amazing MasterChef kitchen, go on and change their lives. That is a large percentage and unheard of elsewhere. The air date of MasterChef season 9 hasn’t been confirmed yet.



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