MasterChef Australia vs. My Kitchen Rules: 6 Ways MasterChef Wins the Kitchen War

Masterchef Australia Season 9

After the huge success of eight seasons of MasterChef Australia, fans are sure to be curious about MasterChef Australia season 9. MasterChef Australia has always topped other cooking shows like My Kitchen Rules, and there are several reasons why. MasterChef Australia and My Kitchen Rules may be rivals, but MasterChef has some friendly advice for MKR. The MasterChef team says that MKR should learn from their former production mistakes. Let’s do a MasterChef Australia vs. My Kitchen Rules comparison.

MasterChef Australia vs. My Kitchen Rules

1. Auditions

The MKR judges don’t select the contestants, and there are no auditions. Instead, a group of people chooses the contestants, and this is the biggest mistake MKR makes. The judges have no control over the selection.

On the other hand, the MasterChef Australia judges select contestants who are passionate about cooking.

2. Contestants

The MasterChef team says that they don’t let the MasterChef Australia contestants argue. They are always supportive of each other, which results in their food turning out good.

The MasterChef team says that the 24 contestants selected for MasterChef Australia season 9 are serious and passionate about cooking. If they aren’t cooking, they can be found reading cookbooks.

The contestants may not be professional chefs, but they cook well from day one. The contestants are as young as 18, and some have grown up watching cooking tutorials. The MKR contestants portray themselves as arrogant, and they constantly fight and gossip about each other.

3. Venue

In MKR, the contestants and judges travel across the country to dine at “home” restaurants.

On the other hand, MasterChef films the show on set in their own kitchen, which is specially designed for the show and the contestants. There, the contestants get to learn many restaurant techniques.

4. Quality of cooking

MasterChef focuses on quality cooking. The show teaches contestants a range of techniques to prepare good food. Meanwhile, other show looks like a place for ad breaks and promotional spots.

Most MasterChef Australia contestants are innovative and do not get annoyed over small issues. The audience is excited to see how the contestants experiment.

5. Presentation

A foodie always loves to have a dish that is well-presented. MasterChef contestants not only prepare delicious dishes, but they also present them in an extraordinary manner.


The focus of the MasterChef Australia judges, as well as contestants, is purely based on their recipes, and nothing else deviates them from this.

On the other hand, My Kitchen Rules has a lot of drama, gossip, arrogance, arguments, flirting, and so on. Therefore, the main point of the show—recipes and good food—seems to be sidelined.



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