Matt Damon’s Weight Loss Diet: Jason Bourne Star Shed 60 Pounds for Courage under Fire

Photo Credit: PG / Splash News
Matt Damon

Photo Credit: PG / Splash News

Celebrities will try almost any diet to prepare for a movie role. In a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything), Jason Bourne star Matt Damon revealed that he lost 60 pounds in 1995 to prep for his role in Courage Under Fire. Damon looked ultra-skinny for his role as SPC Ilario. What was Matt Damon’s weight loss diet?

Simply put, Matt Damon lost weight by eating chicken breast, and lots of it. Almost every meal contained chicken while he was trying to lose weight for the film.

At the time Matt Damon didn’t even have a chef. Basically, Damon made up his diet as he went along. It was a major challenge for Damon. The 45 year old probably weighs around 190 pounds, but was 139 for Courage Under Fire as a 25 year old. It was not a healthy look for the A-list actor, and he was not happy about it.

Matt Damon’s Daily Diet

What does Matt Damon eat when he’s not eating chicken? Matt Damon loves tacos. A fan in the Reddit AMA asked Damon what were his favorite taco ingredients. Damon admitted that his favorite taco night ingredients include a crunchy corn shell with lots of meat, melted cheese, and a little bit of tomato, lettuce, avocado, and sour cream. Matt Damon’s favorite taco hot sauce is called Cholula.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon looking buff at ‘Jason Bourne’ film premiere, London, Britain. Credit: Elliot / Splash News

Matt Damon’s daily diet is a fairly strict one. Despite loving food, the actor has had to clean up his diet to prepare for many key roles. To tackle Jason Bourne for the fourth time at 45, Damon followed a super strict diet of vegetables and protein, and that’s it. His diet may include a salad or some broccoli with egg whites, chicken or a steak.

The low-carb, high-protein method helps him lose weight, boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and increase his muscle mass.

When Damon is dieting for a movie role, he doesn’t cheat once. There’s no ice cream, sweets, pizza, or potato chips. It is tough for the actor to follow a strict diet because he admittedly likes beer and burgers. Matt Damon shows incredible willpower with his diet plan.

Matt Damon’s Workout Plan and Exercise Routine

Matt Damon was 30 when he was first cast as Jason Bourne for 2002’s The Bourne Identity. This year Damon reprised his role as Jason Bourne in a movie of the same name, and needless to say, the action star had to be in great shape.

Matt Damon’s workout plan for the film included two high-intensity gym sessions (90-minutes each), which he did for 10 weeks prior to shooting the film. Matt Damon says he had to look like he suffered, and his intense workout regimen was the best way to suffer for the iconic role.

Matt Damon enjoys his cardio workouts, and will even sometimes run 13 miles a day- 6.5 miles in the morning and evening. Damon also enjoys kick-boxing, squats, weight lifting, and circuit training to help increase his muscle mass.

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