McDonalds Christmas Eve Opening Hours & Holiday Offers!

McDonald's Easter hours
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Unlike other restaurant and store chains that may be closed for Christmas 2016, most McDonalds locations will be open for Christmas Eve and during the holidays. In fact, the only time you can’t go in and get a Big Mac or their famous fries is generally on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day— all other days are free game!

Although McDonalds is open throughout the holiday season, it’s important to keep in mind that some locations may be running on reduced hours. Be sure to check with your local franchise.

Below you will find out what McDonalds’ openings hours are during the holidays along with special holiday offers you can take advantage of to get the biggest bang for your buck.

McDonalds Opening Hours

To be certain that a McDonalds near you is open on Christmas Eve, your best bet is to check on the McDonalds website or give them a call. Although a majority of locations will be open, as mentioned, they tend to have varying hours. Generally, it has been recognized that the bulk of the fast food chain locations will stay open until 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve, but it’s better to be safe and simply call ahead.

Although some larger or corporate McDonalds locations may be open Christmas Day, it’s safe to say that most will be closed.

As for the other days throughout the holidays McDonalds will run on regular hours. This means depending on the location they can be open anywhere until 12pm midnight or be a 24-hour location; simple check your local locations hours to be sure.

McDonalds Holiday Offers

Like many other fast food chains and coffee shops, McDonalds has created limited edition, speciality holiday beverages, which include McCafe Peppermint Mocha and McCafe Peppermint Hot Chocolate. These holiday-inspired beverages won’t be around for long, so be sure to stop by and give it a try before they are gone until next year.

McDonalds is really pushing their app when it comes to receiving deals, so if you’re in the business of saving money, then we suggest you download it. Some deals that the McDonalds app is currently sharing include $1 off their famous fries, buy one sandwich and get the other free, save $2 on 10-piece chicken nuggets, and a free McCafe beverage with the purchase of 5 (if you collect their stickers, you have to buy 7 beverages to receive a free one).

Furthermore, having the McDonalds app keeps you in the know with all limited offers along with exclusive ones – plus it’s free, so you don’t really have anything to lose!

If you’re a fan of McDonalds, downloading the app will keep you in touch with savings, latest menu offerings, and store hours. So you will know right away if your favorite location will be open this Christmas 2016.


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